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Thread: Roll under sinks etc.

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    Roll under sinks etc.

    Is there anywhere online where I can look at roll-under sinks and range tops etc. I see pictures of houses with them but isn't there a mfr or place to buy online?


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    For the kitchen, we have a regular drop-in range with no cabinets underneath. The dog has a mat under there, but I am occasionally allowed to move her aside so that I can cook.

    We removed the doors to the cabinet below the kitchen sink as well, rather than renovating. Ideally it would be nice if the sink were slightly lower, though.

    In the bathrooms, we also just dropped a sink into a countertop cutout but didn't put any cabinet underneath.

    Another option for the bathroom is a wall-mounted lavatory:

    This style does require reinforcing inside the wall before it is drywalled.

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    I'm living in an old house rented by me and the county. The sink was put in the early decades of the last century and is high enough that I cart my dishes, utensils and pots into the bathroom to wash them in the sink there, then cart them back to the kitchen again. Works OK but it would sure be a lot nicer to be able to use the kitchen sink for something other than storage.
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    Any contractor should be able to give you a quote on doing something like that .. but if you have a roll-under sink you might want to lower the counter to make it easier on the shoulders for the person in the wheelchair .. just a suggestion (unless you get a dishwasher lol).
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    Like Lynnifer said any decent contractor should be able to show whats out there or design what you need..Shouldnt cost you anything to have em show ya..

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    chopper chick,check this out and do a google search lots of stuff out there

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    As far as ranges go-if you use any of the standard drop in ranges that you find at Home Depot/Lowes/etc and then make a cutout under the counter or open cabinet, that will work. There isn't a special range that you'll need to purchase. I am in mid-renovations on my property and my kitchen is in slow progress. I am building an island at wheelchair height with a range that I can roll under just like you are asking about.

    Regarding a roll-under sink, are you asking about a kitchen sink or bathroom sink? I looked at the link that cementhead provided and whereas those sinks are the ADA standard wheelchair sinks, I personally can't stand them. I am short, with short arms and am FOREVER stretching to be able to reach the controls on them. They are too deep for me to reasonably reach. What I am doing for my bathroom is a solid surface(LG HI-MACS) countertop & custom built cabinets(dad's best friend is a retired general contractor), with an open space where my sink is, so I can roll underneath it and a vessel sink mounted on top of the counter. I know you're trying to make things easiest for your husband and make things work as best you can, but don't limit yourself to "institutional" items b/c you think that's all that you can do.

    If you need other suggestions for items for your bathroom conversion, feel free to IM, PM, or e-mail me, I'm more than willing to talk about what I've done, found, etc.
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    Be sure to include him in any renovation plans also. Some of our renovations were done while I was in the hospital, and while, obviously they needed to be done so that I could come home, there are a few things I would have done differently. ALso 14 months post, there are also things that I want differently NOW than I did then. The kitchen isn't critical to his homecoming, so while researching it now is a good idea, now might not be the time to make changes in that area. Stick to the bedroom, bathroom, and general accessibility (doors, ramps, basic use of rooms and furniture etc).

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    I agree with sjean. His OT should have done some teaching on cooking with him in a standard kitchen. Once he gets home, then he can actively participate in decisions about what needs to be done for his individual needs.

    A separate stove and oven are definately best: a wall-mounted side swing oven is preferred by many (put a pull-out wooden cutting board underneath it to sit pans on temporarily). My parents have a drop-in smooth-top stove that is really nice, and it only required removing the cabinet underneath to make it accessible. If you are purchasing new, try to get a stove-top with all the controls at the front so he does not need to reach over hot burners to adjust the stove. A tilted mirror over the stove is nice so he can more easily see into the pans when cooking.

    Here are some resources for the kitchen

    For a bathroom sink, here are some nice options. Be sure that there is framing in the sink area that will support a wall-hung plus the weight he may put on it when reaching for items, etc.

    Be sure the trap is well-insulated. Don't put in a corner mount unless you have is difficult to position a wheelchair under these.

    We put in a faucet with a showerhead extension so you can easily use the bathroom sink for hair washing if you don't want to take the time for a whole shower.

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    I was just wondering, what/who is you husband's rehab team comprised of?
    Have you been involved in his treatment/rehab and discharge planning?

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