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    pool exercises

    Just wondering if anyone has any good pool exercises to share. My son has been sitting and balancing on a board, lifting weights, raising and lowering legs using trunk. Any new suggestions would be great!!
    Thanks so much.

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    Pool Exercises

    We started with the book "Overcoming Paralysis: Into the Water and Out of the Wheelchair" by Scott Biehler and Igor Burdenko. You can get used copies on very inexpensively. Even though the exercises were designed for a para, we were able to modify some and use others as described for my son, who is a quad. There's also land exercises, and a lot of other helpful info. I would recommend getting a copy for a good place to start on water therapy. Good luck!

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    That book sounds like it would be helpful. I am eager to purchase it.
    Thanks for your help!

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    I have heard that accupuncture has helped some, although my daughter has yet to try it.

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    This is what the Editorial Review at says about the "Overcoming Paralysis" book.

    Editorial Reviews

    From Library Journal
    While this book is ostensibly written by both Burdenko, physical therapist to sports stars Nancy Kerrigan and Kevin McHale, and Biehler, who was paralyzed after a motorcycle accident, it is Burdenko's voice that dominates. The book is intended as "a practical application of the Burdenko Method to help wheelchair users...overcome the difficulties they experience and improve the quality of their everyday lives," but the subtext seems to be that "you can walk again if you follow this method." What makes this book so disconcerting is the thinness of this consistently implied message. Burdenko's web page is full of testimonials from sports stars and others lauding his use of water therapy in rehabilitation, conditioning, and training but none about using the method to overcome paralysis. Indeed, there seems to be nothing reported anywhere about this particular method and the regeneration of nerves. The book itself consists of a detailed description of the Burdenko Method, instructions for 54 land-based and 60 water-based exercises, and a short bibliography. Overall, it is a disappointing book; not recommended.AKate Kelly, Massachusetts General Hosp. Lib., Boston
    Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

    It really bothers me when someone implies that those of us in wheelchairs did not recover because of lack of willpower or hard work, etc., Sorry but I would not buy that book.
    T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003

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    Quote Originally Posted by mom01
    I have heard that accupuncture has helped some, although my daughter has yet to try it.
    yeah i think accupunture maybe can help too cause i have been going to accupunture for almost a year and I'm still going now i got little better. before i lost feeling from T7 down now i can feel litle bit to T11 and also little L2-3 I think u should try. nothing to loss good luck let me know if u get better

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