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Thread: Gloves or No Gloves?

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    Gloves or No Gloves?

    I use gloves when I roll. The only time I don't use them is when I am in my house, at work, or if I am dressed up and basically stationary. I don't see how people don't use them. I forgot them one day and by the time I got home I had 3 blisters. I am C8 and use the hand rims when I push. How does everyone else do it?

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    I push on my tires rather than the handrims most of the time, as my hands are big and its tough grabbing those scrawny handrims without loosing a thumb while pushing.
    I RARELY wear gloves, unless I'm going to the store, or it's raining and I'll be on pavement. Around the house inside and out, never unless it's cold.
    I've used maybe 4 pairs of gloves in 10 years and still have two of them. My sis bought them for me,lol. I have quick access to the hose outside and sink inside if I am gonna need washing.
    I worked with machinery all my life and have ate many a meal with grease as a condiment,lol. I've always had calloused hands and can't remember having a blister.

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    I wear em just because I'm a germ-a-phobe. Another mitigating factor is my 5 y/o son. Everytime we go to a restaraunt without fail he has to pee. This means I have to take him to the restroom and god only knows what all that liquid on the floor is. It drives me nuts to have to go in there but I have no choice. So the gloves act as a sort of buffer between me and the mens room floor.

    Ever since I've started using sailing gloves I've discovered yet another benefit, I get much better traction on the push rims with these gloves. So much so that I really don't even need to grip the rim. All I have to do is apply pressure to the rim and off I go. The gloves are that tacky against the rim, it's almost like they're velcro'd to it. Once they're wet all bets are off tho...
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    I don't use gloves. I usually push using the tire instead of the rim. It seems I get better pushes that way. I have a lotion obsession though. I have a bottle of lotion and antibacterial hand gel on me all the time. The first thing I do when I get to my destination is put it on. I haven't had any blisters and my hands are pretty soft. So not wearing gloves hasnt been any problem for me.
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    i think it depends on your activities. stay in the house, no. outside, yep, especially with all the butts and bubblegum, know wut i'm sayin'.
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    Out in our petro drenched environment: gloves. Inside my house unless into an activity that makes it otherwise: no gloves.
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    I'm a C5/6 incomplete...
    Outdoors - yes
    Indoors - not usually

    It is a personal preference....There is no right/wrong answer....

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    only on major trips like if i'm going to disneyland or somewhere that i know i'll be hitting a bunch of hills. i use rubber rims which do sometimes make my hands black, but not too bad.

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    i used to wear gloves all the time but i have quit using them. i hated taking them on/off every time i get to class. i have the vinyl coated push rims and i push on those with bare hands. i dont get blisters but my palms are dry and calloused.

    moe, could you post a pic of the sailing gloves? or a link or something. never seen them.

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    Inside @ home no, everywhere else I wear gloves. I work at a car dealership, don't want to roll through the shop, too many chemicals, I'm also a germophobe, bathrooms w/ out gloves skeeve me out.

    For those of you who don't wear gloves, how do you brake/slow down w/out beating on your hands?
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