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Thread: URGENT: Reserve Now For Special 'Rally for the Cure' Hotel Rates

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    URGENT: Reserve Now For Special 'Rally for the Cure' Hotel Rates

    The block of hotel rooms at the 2004 price for Rally for the Cure expires on Tuesday, May 16th. After that price almost doubles! If you are thinking of going, reserve your room now! Reserve directly at

    Interested in a CareCure lunch with Wise? Please let me know. If there is enough interest, we'll make it happen!

    See you June 10th in New York City!

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    Patricia, I am moving this to the Announcement and Feedback Forum. Thanks.

    To everybody, if you need a hotel room in New York City, you need to book them soon.

    I would be glad to have lunch with people.


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    I have a reservation already and Patricia I am sending you an email response..

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    Rally, I intend on being there, rally I do.

    Based on my improvement in overall health (killing the narcs having much to do with it) I thereby can make a committment to be part of the fundraising effort, and attendance to the rally.
    Although I'm a believer that there's no such thing as a free lunch, (lol) I'll be honored to attend lunch as well.

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    What is the "Rally for the Cure" and how is it different from the "Working to Walk" rally? Why isn't there just one big rally?

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    Rally for the Cure is a wonderful elegant type affair, held in Manhattan by Dr. Young and the Keck Center, purpose being raising funds for the Keck Center. I can promise you it is fun, with fabulous food, venue and entertainment, you'll learn a lot and meet wonderful people.

    Working 2 Walk was more casual, held in Washington DC by Unite 2 Fight Paralysis and the Christopher Reeve Foundation, purpose being educating advocates to create political change. It's a lot of work, the entertainment was all educational symposia and we had no gala evenings. We finished up with a rally on Capitol Hill and lobbying legislators. It is fulfilling but gruelling.

    There is no combining these events because 1. geography and 2. different organizations sponsoring. We tried to think of another word for Working 2 Walk to avoid the confusion of two rallies, but we failed.
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