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Thread: How to price our van for sale?

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    How to price our van for sale?

    We want to sell our fullsize van and get a minivan but don't know what to price our van at? It is a 2003 Ford E250 with 33,000 kms.
    -lowered floor
    - 6 way powered seat base
    - hand controls
    - low effort steering and braking
    - power folding rear bench seat
    - power windows/mirrors
    - powered barn style side doors
    - trifold lift

    - except for the doors and lift none of the other mods have been used much as I find the transfer too difficult.

    Anyhow, what would you price this at?

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    Hey Emi, Go here to CPA site, it's great for classifieds, you should be able to fiqure it out comparing to everyone else. Although, they're cheaper back east, seems about 3 to 5 grand more here on the westcoast. Snow & rust issues I guess. Actually you're in Alberta aren't you, maybe same problem. Anywho go here, I've bought one and sold one through here, it's great. After you fiqure it out, place your ad, it will be gone in no time. I had a lady call me from Alberta for mine a while back, they're in demand, that's for sure. Good Luck.

    I go here all the time checking stuff out.....

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    I will look again... haven't thought of there in a while. Good to know they move fast as we have to sell first in order to get the $ for the minivan.

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    Also use ebay, and search the finished items to see what they ended at.

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    Does anyone know how fast/much the accessibility equipment depreciates? We figure the actual van is worth maybe 10,000 Canadian and the 35,000 worth of mods might be worth 30,000? So about 40,000 Canadian for the whole van?
    Wold you guys pay that?

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    Hey Emi....

    Was that you I saw on tv flashing on Whyte Ave?

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    not sure about Canadian dollars but in the U.S., a good place to compare what vans are selling for is

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