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Thread: D-flux (sp?) Injection in Mitrofanoff Stoma

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    D-flux (sp?) Injection in Mitrofanoff Stoma

    Has anybody heard of this? I have no idea how to spell it, but it sounds like d-flux. My uro said they may have to try this because the valve they use does not seem to be working (I pour urine out of my stoma at around 300 ccs). He said if that does not work I may require more surgery...which after the dysreflexia from the last one I'm really not crazy about! It has been 7 weeks since my surgery. Has anyone heard of this problem getting better with time? He says give it 2 more months....ugh!


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    I have never heard of anything sounding like this. I will ask my colleagues if they have and let you know if I find anything out.


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    I too leak from my Mitro (2+ years since the surgery) at about the same amount (really depends WHAT I've been drinking - water and coffee are the worst). Mostly it's my fault for not cathing when I feel the urge (I've been blessed with sensation). I was offered the option of having my mitro redone but like you didn't want to have surgry again.
    My advice is WAIT (unless this injection works - I'm curious about it too) a year or so until your bladder calms down.
    Coping tips
    - always carry an extra shirt (I just carry a black T-shirt everywhere - matches whatever pants I'm wearing)
    - if you know you may not be able to cath whn you need to (in public etc.) put padding under your mitro - I use an absorbant plastic backed gauze - I think it was made for burns? or something, or a thin maxi pad
    - carry a perfume to mask the odor (I find citrus (like Orange healing waters body spray) masks urine smll the best.

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    I have checked with several people and no one has heard of anything resembling D-flux. Sorry


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    SCI Nurse,

    Ty for your replies. From research I have done via the web, I am assuming it is a bulking agent like Macroplastique. I totally dread more surgery, but leaking is no fun either!

    Emi, Ty for your post. Kudos to you for living with this unfortunate pain in the butt for the past few years. Only been 2 weeks for me and I'm about ready to flip out. U have a good positive attitude!


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    Never heard of d flux n what valve do u mean do u mean when u cath u get 300ccs out sorry I don't wanna be a pain BUT I've been thru it b4 I ALSO nvr heard of dysreflexia b4 if u EVER need a friend r just wanna vent I'm here

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    Yea I do TOO NOW I have 2 wear an ostomy pouch n I think it happened bc I ended up back in the hospital a cpl wks l8r I used a Foley n didn't no ur NOT supposed 2 cuz it can do some damage I ONLY did that cuz I had sepsis n a uti n wasn't up 2 cathing

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