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Thread: sweating evrywhere?

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    sweating evrywhere?

    Lately I have been waking up at night all sweaty. Nothing seems different to me except that the weather is warmer. I don't feel hot when I wake up but I am all sweaty. I am even clammy and sweaty below my injury. I always hear you don't sweat below your injury so I am assuming this may be good. Anyone else ever experience this? When I was first injured I soaked the sheets constantly and was so glad this phase passed. I hope I am not going back to this.
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    i know a guy who sweats a lot post injury and he uses drammamine (sea-sickness pill or patch). that curbs his sweating dramatically.
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    Good question addiesue. Jesse doesnt necessairly get sweaty but he is always complaining of being so clammy to the point of having to take a shower to get relief. That helps him, but what can be the cause?

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    could it be the weather? i had a few nights like that when i hadn't adjusted my a/c.

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    The weather doesnt seem to be a factor. He was just in Texas where the weather was 90 and humid and then he got back home to Minnesota a few days ago where the temp this morning was about 38 degrees for our low. Both situations have made him so clammy that only a shower relieves it. Sorry addiesue, just realized I have jumped in on your thread. But maybe our answer will be your answer too.

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    sweating - robinal

    My friend fell 1 year ago. His injury was at the T6 level. He is back to work full time now. He used to sweat profusely. The doctor gave him Robinal, which does help him. But now his spasms are very difficult to deal with. They wake him up at night and when he drives he gets them (his legs spasm and they get in the way of turning the wheel on his van). He is on baclophen, but it makes him tired. Everything is so wishy washy. Sometimes, he leaks urine (but does cath regular). He is on ditropan. His bowel program typically takes an hour, but sometimes he has accidents. He uses the magic bullet and manuel stim. He also has tried senecot. His left leg is always swollen (sometimes more than other days). He has a filter in to block the blood clots.

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    Oh - yeah - all his sweating was below the injury level.

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    There are several posts on this topic here on carecure:

    Please feel free to ask any further questions you have.


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    Hi addiesue,
    I'm not sure of how to advise you....all I know are my experiences and maybe in them you might see a possibility of the root of yours. I am a t12 incomplete since 1982 (18yrs old). Until recently I have not really ever had night sweating experiences unless it was hot outside and I tended to sweat just like everyone else (except not below my sensory /motor loss line...girdle zone?). I haven't followed the links put up by SCI nurse so if I am repeating anything from those threads just skip over mine.

    Four years ago I turned 40 and developed central pain. When the burning sensations I have under my left thigh and butt are over stimulated from light touch and/or firm pressure (like when I sit ) it causes me to sweat uncontrollably all over. I can only find relief from lying down. This pattern (of physical distress...sweating...while sitting started before I had an awareness of the connection to sitting. I only knew the longer I sat the more I longed to lie on my back and get the weight off my butt. The burning sensations did not set in until about 3 months came on like a monster...hopefully this is not your situation.

    Other possibilities to look into (because it has been something I have experienced) is a bladder or kidney infection. Other than intense sweating, night sweats and clamminess I did not have the other signs of the initial bladder infection which eventually backed up into my kidneys. I didn't have a fever or anything. The morning I couldn't stop throwing up I relented and let my husband call an ambulence. I am on opiates for other constant pains I have along with the central pain and I didn't realize that they could mask the bladder pain which normally would have alerted me before the infection had almost gone systemic.

    Lastly, I believe that I am experiencing at the least peri-menopause or possibly full blown menopause. I am moving to another state soon so I do not want to start up with a new doc here to explore that possible connection until I've made the move. I have been keeping track of my day to day physical health especially anything that feels like it may be hormonally influenced. Looking over the past few months I am already seeing a pattern with certain symptoms (clamminess, night sweats, full on distress sweating) and where I am in my menstral cycle. There has been precious little research done with us SCI women so I have found VERY little about how we might experience menopause differently than a non-SCI woman.

    I suspect my sweating is partially the central pain syndrom and partially some stage of menopause. It may be impossible to unravel them but I hope to stabilize my hormones and see if it makes a difference on the symptoms I now attribute to central pain.

    Good luck on your search for a way to get some relief from those night sweats. They suck....



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