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Thread: which states have the best PCA programs??

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    which states have the best PCA programs??

    I live in Massachusetts, I'm a c4, and have been injured 20 years next month. I have always lived on my own in a condo since my acute hospitalization. This has only been possible because of the pca program available here in Massachusetts. Every year I am evaluated for pca hours which have obviously varied through the years depending on my needs. Pca are paid roughly $11/hour. Just curious what other states have decent programs available such as this.

    Thank you

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    Michigan because of their Catastrophic Care law.

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    As a Michigan resident I feel I need to further clarify that. It depends on how your SCI occured. If you are in an automobile accident, yes, Michigan is great! I am a C4, 2 1/2 yrs post injury and did not have an auto accident, but rather diving. Through homeowners insurance I receive nothing! NO PCA, absolutely nothing. The only PCA I receive through any insurance is the 6 hours a week I get from Medicare. Michigan does have a MI waiver program, but it has been closed to new participants due to lack of funding. If anyone knows of any other resources available, please let me know, 6 hours a week to help my wife and kids care for me is no where near enough, when they have the other 180 hours in the week!!!
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    Your questions are valid: yet should preface the

    means of insurance.
    Medicare, Medicaid, other?

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    Anyone know anything about MS. We can't seem to find anything!

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    From what I have heard the program in MS isn't very good, but perhaps someone who lives there will comment. I assume you are already on Medicaid...otherwise most people do not qualify. Here is some information about Medicaid and waiver PCA programs for MS:


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    In CT, if you have less than 10k in assets (they dont count your car or home) and you dont make more than 75k per year...and you can be on the working disabled program.
    This gives you medicaid and that gives you a pretty darn good PCA waiver.
    There is a waiting list to get on it, but you just use the nursing agency till your number comes up.

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    What is PCA?
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    PCA = personal care attendant


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