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Thread: spinewire/cando use

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    Quote Originally Posted by PN
    If I recall correctly he offered them $25,000 but no can-do! Thanks for the memories.
    Id forgotten about some of them peeps...

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    SCI Mom, you are welcome, but Russ got me thinking and some of the accolades need to be thrown his way.

    All artists build off the shoulders of other artists!

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    Somewhere, I had written the history of and on internet but let me summarize briefly. Mark Pinney, Sam Maddox, and I started, one of the first bulletin boards for spinal cord injury, in 1996. Mark Pinney (he is quadriplegic) funded the software development because there were no real bulletin software in those days. I remember that the first version was written using Apple Filemaker. It eventually took off, reaching nearly 6000 users.

    In 1998, Mark Pinney was asked to be the CEO of Cando, a company that was funded by venture capitalists to create a "disability portal" and to establish online e-commerce to sell supplies and equipment to people with disabilities. He convinced me to merge spinewire with Cando. It became and the company spent about millions setting up new software for a bulletin board and e-commerce, as well as setting up relationships with suppliers. But the company never took off. In 2001, as the company was running out of money, the venture capitalists pulled out, and the company turned off its lights.

    They would not sell me the database even though I offered them $25,000 for it. By that time, we had several hundred thousand posts, 5 years of heartfelt messages from the community to each other. They would not allow us to use the name and so I created the CareCure Community on July 24, 2001. If you scroll back to the first post in the cure forum, you will find that it is on that date. We initially used a commercial bulletin board service called infopop. Last year, we bit the bullet and moved the bulletin board to a server at Rutgers University where it currently resides.


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    "So I have stayed as I am, without regret, seperated from the normal human condition." Guy Sajer

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    That site just bought the name after Cando went belly up. Nothing to do with the history of SpineWire or Cando we are discussing here.

    There are a few of the old archived pages still around, but none are complete. I wish we still had that history.
    (even the infamous "wheelchair umbrella"!!!!!)

    Wise, maybe you could write the history up as one of your articles for CareCure? I hate to loose the history of the roads we have been down together.

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