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Thread: Las Vegas is Very Accessible...

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    Anyone rent one of those 3 wheeled scooters and how'd that work out? I figure one of those would be great for the distance and carpets.

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    The hookers are accessible in Las Vegas as well.

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    I mostly want to rent a power chair because I am afraid of mine getting damaged on the airplane. I was thinking of travelling in my manual and then renting a power chair while there so I can go places by myself if I wanted and so noone would get tired of pushing me.
    Does anyone know of a company that rents them?

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    Call the motel your gonna stay at....they should have phone# to call....when I went a few years ago you could rent a chair.

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    Most accessible place I have ever visited. 12th trip this year since 1997. You can take a taxi from the airport or a shuttle. The taxi's are basically minivans with a ramp in the rear. When you go outside to get in the taxi line, just whistle the security guy over and he will call up an accessible taxi for you. That way you can avoid the long wait. Tell the taxi driver "No tunnel" so you don't get long hauled. Fare from the airport is about $12 + tip mid strip. Shuttles cost $8 a head one way. They are not reliable for the return trip to the airport - twice I had no-shows. We usually fly back at midnight so we have the hotel store our luggage until we get ready to leave. Be sure to give yourself extra time to get back to the airport because you will have to hail a WC taxi. I give myself 3 hours. You can take a Limo to and from the airport - $43 one way plus tip. Great if you are going with a group.

    Hotels - I have stayed at Excalibur, Harrah's, Planet Hollywood, NYNY, and Treasure Island. All about mid price ~ $60 - $70 a night Sunday - Thurs. Prices go way up on weekends and during big events like New Years od the Super Bowl. I like Planet Hollywood because of the bang for your buck. They usually give me a free upgrade. Harrahs is my 2nd choice. The rooms are so so but it is near everything location wise. The hotel will always tell you they can't guarantee you a WC room but I always call 2-3 days in advance with my confirmation number and always get a WC room, no hassle.

    Forget the monorail, to $$ and a pain in the ass to get to. Go with the bus. $5.00 for a 24-hour pass, buses run every 5 minutes, stop at every casino and are very accessible. It may look like a short hike from Bellagio to NYNY but it is a LONG haul in a WC. And yes, the carpet is a bitch.

    Most of all - have fun!!! Set a daily budget and live by it. I budget $250 a day for my wife and myself and we never run out of $$. We are not high rollers but we both can play slots and table games and eat for $250 a day. Just don't get carried away. We go with a group of people and mainly casino hop.

    Entertainment - Any of the Cirque shows EXCEPT Zumanity, Blue Man Group, Art Museums in the Bellagio and Venetian, Carrot Top. So many more I can't begin to name them all. Go to Dollar Rental at Mirage or Bellagio and get a car for the day. Much cheaper than the airport. Spend a day at Hoover Dam (a must see), 3 hours to the Grand Canyon, 2 hours to Bryce Canyon or Zion national Park in Utah. Get a Golden Eagle pass from National Park Service and you can see them all for free (except Hoover which is Dept of Interior). Also red Rock Canyon - 30 min drive or Valley of Fire, 45 minute drive.

    Did I leave anything out? Cheap eats - Denny's next to Venetian, Lunchtime buffets change over to dinner at 5:00 PM. Go at 4:30 and pay the lunch price for dinner. Same goes for Breakfast/Lunch buffets. Most casinos have food courts. All have $$$$ restaurants if that is your game - Emeril L's, Wolfgang Pucks, Cheesecake Factory, Bobby Flays, Olives in Bellagio just to name a few. We always make a trip to Ellis island two blocks behind Ballys for the $4.95 steak (not on the menu, you have to ask for it). BTW I am a T-10 complete.
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