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Thread: Speedy guns, explosions, and the Flight of the Valkyries

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    Speedy guns, explosions, and the Flight of the Valkyries

    I picked up a video conversion card the other day and started to convert some old VHS tapes I have laying around into computer format. I thought some of these video clips might be entertaining to some of the gun enthusiasts around here. Circa 1998...

    First up...Knob Creek night shoot. The red flares in the beginning mark a barrel of gasoline with a charge on them. You'll see what happens when they are hit

    Next is a short clip of some poor soul's car that was mistakenly parked on the range. Nice view of some .50BMG API impacts.

    I want one of these! Looks to be a pair of double mounted short-barrel 1919's

    Of course arriving for the festivities in Apocalypse Now style is a must...I was humming Wagner's Flight of the Valkeries, lol.

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    Cool stuff Andy. Thanks for the post. Lots of firepower there. Reminded me of a lot of the night shoots we did in the Marine Corps. Out of 4 years of service I had a M249 SAW for 2 years, a M203 for a year+, and a M16 in between. I had a lot of fun with that SAW. That thing could fire about a 1000 rounds a minute, if you could change the drums that fast, and not melt the barrel.
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    Pretty spectacular videos, Andy. Nothing quite like the sound and smell of money going downrange.....LOTS of money

    question btw - in the first vid after the propane tank went up, you could see a lot of tracer fire, but also some flaming materials that appeared to 'float'. Since these obviously couldn't have been aimed fire, what was it - flaming shrapnel or something of the like?

    Firing a full-auto weapon is in my opinion something everyone should try once in their lifetimes and I've had the good fortune to do that, with an Uzi submachine gun. Very interesting experience, quite a heavy weapon for its size, about 9.5# loaded, looks 'cheap' although anything but (ugly is as ugly does), recoil was much lower than anticipated due to the weight and the trigger was easily mastered and I was able to do double and triple taps within 2 full magazines. Naturally I fired one mag in one long burst just for the sake of it, but as a practical matter that justs wastes good ammo. Fun tho. I could have just about written my name out with a 2x3 foot target if I'd had one, and as it was an indoor range (Bullet Hole in Belleview IL near ESL) it's quite a cool way to get EVERYBODY's full attention


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    Full auto is a hoot!!

    The indoor range where I'm a member ( ) has a few members that shoot full auto quite often. The amount of ammo they can go through in just a half hour range session is amazing.

    In gereral, I shoot around 12 -->15k rounds a year, and I used to think I shot a lot. That is... until I saw the full auto guys. I have no idea how they can afford to feed them things!!


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