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Thread: attacks of goosebumps

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    attacks of goosebumps

    This sounds so dumb, but I have been having attacks of goosebumps, just in my arms. It is occurring many times during the day. It is not being caused by coldness.

    I do remember years ago thinking I had lost the ability to sweat from my neck down and also never got goosebumps. Its been 8 years since my injury/surgery, now I'm getting goosebump attacks lol.

    What could it be? Anyone else have it?

    I have an incomplete, C5-6 and T7-8. I walk.


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    Goosebumps (piloerection) can be a symptom of autonomic dysreflexia. Can you tie these goosebumps together with anything as far a as activity, scheduling of caths or other possible triggers?


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    Thanks KLD. I really had no idea that it could be part of AD. I will pay attention to possible triggers and get back to you.
    Thanks again....for everything including my new word ...piloerection!


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