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    Mitro Stoma

    In which case would someone be better off having their Mitro Stoma place somewhere else so your scar doesn't interfere with the tape so it won't leak , or having a Bladder bY Pass , I have heard less chance of U.T.I.'s with the By Pass . what do you people feel would be better in the long run , Just since Sun,4/30 I have had 4 leaks where I had to shower and change all the supplies which do get costly . So that is my Question move the Mitro Stoma or have the Bladder By Pass? LBUSH

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    My advice would be to discuss your leaking with the urologist who did the Mitro surgery. Explain your issues and concerns. There could be other suggestions to try before going through another surgical procedure.


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    HI , The DR. has tried several medications ,he tried 15 injections of BoTox , he tried a Bladder Stimulator , and right now I use the ConvaTec 2 piece bag system and I still leak with the Bag on right where the scars are , because they are about 1/4 of a inch above my normal skin ,it's just been so frustrating to keep on leaking the way I do since 4/30/06 - 5/08/06 I have leaked 4 times where I had to take it all off and throw it away and shower and put a new bag system on , the nurses said I'm doing everything correct , on my last DR. appointment walking from the waing room to the examing room I leaked right where my scar on the upper part of the bag is you could see it lifting up , and I had just put that on before I went to the DR. when I took a shower ,I even put pieces of 2 inch tape all around the taped part of the bag system to try to hold it in place longer and that didn't help either, I've been having these problems since I had the Mitro Stoma operation , and a lot of U.T.I.'s with all of this I have had U.T.I.'s at least once a month if not more , I don't know what else I can do . That's why I post on the forum to try and get help from either the Staff or someone else who's been having the same problem and knows a way to fix it.

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