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Thread: How many hours of care are you allowed?

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    Private insurance, $650 per day through agency and $1500 per week private hire. I use $643.50 per day for agency nurses (16.5 hours) and parents remaining time. Great for getting stuff done in the day, but still requires I live at home and eats through insurance fast.

    C2/C3 vent dependent quad in Iowa.
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    184.5 hours twice a month, but the pay is prorated to 5.72/hr because it's live-in. They pay something like .50/hr for 8 sleep hours, more for household stuff, more for personal care stuff like SP cath changes. At OR's minimum wage of 7.50/hr, it works out to about 140 hrs- at 10./hr, it's about 210 hrs per month, or 7 hours a day. Rollin's a C4 quad.
    Oregon made a deal with the devil tho- I mean the feds. The Oregon Health Plan was supposed to be some whoop de do plan for doing more with less. Now it's having to do less (for peeps) with less (money).

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    I (c5/6) am given $1800 a month by the county (I'm in England) to employ my carer/s. This is kept in a dedicated bank account and is audited every three months. I am also responsible for deducting and paying their income tax and national insurance. The real nightmare is in recruiting staff, in the south of England you have to pay $15 an hour to get your grass cut never mind personal care.

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