First off let me start by saying most of you will hate me for my post. Now on with my story. I am 32 years old and have been married 7 years, no children. 3 years ago my wife sustained a spinal injury at c2/3. I have been her main carer and used attendants and family only when im not there. Let me add that she had left me a note she left me for another man and was with him leaving me when she was injured. I took her back and have helped her every since never mentioning that she left me. Now the problem. Lately I am resentful and fill i want to leave. Why should I have to do all this care when i know if she hadnt gotten injured shed be with him. I dont think i love her now as this is all boiling in me and i feel if she hadnt left she wouldnt had got hurt. I know if i leave her shell end up in a home and most will think im a butthole for leaving a wife that needs help. Ill probably stick around but am fustrated. If i bring it up and want to go to counsling she says i dont want to stay in the marriage becasue shes to much work. Its not that, if i felt she loved me and had she not left id care for her no matter how disabled forever and lovingly but right now i feel as i got the booby prize. Any suggestions or am i just a butt for feeling resentful.