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Thread: Hysterectomy & SCI?

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    Hysterectomy & SCI?

    I wanted to clarify something, on another website a gal was asking about getting a hysterectomy and she has SCI. A few gals replied back that they had gotten them.

    Well, I posted back and advised against it because of SCI. Actually I said it depends on the severity of the SCI, I guess. A few years back, I went to a gyno to get tubes stapled, and we also discussed hysterectomy. What he told me made complete sense, that as we age our bodies sag, inside and out, including organs etc. Those of us with SCI more-so, because of lack of muscle tone.

    So, it would be really bad if we got a hysterectomy because it would leave more space for stuff to move to. Non SCI women have problems as it is, never mind with SCI.

    Anywho, it sure makes sense to me. I wish I could find data to post for her, or your guy's knowledge on the subject. I haven't been able to find any. I think it's a very important subject, there are so many more complications to our aging SCI bod's than your your average Jo or Josephine six-pack. I just hope it's not too late, but it would still be good to have this info for other gals considering it.

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    Hm, didn't even get well if you mean alike
    where what we call in our language "eggs" are (??ovulae ... or how do you call this?), this area,
    being cut out?

    If so, from what I understood, this is quite beyond SCI,
    a relevant hormone production area,
    where it might make quite some emotional differences to a woman,
    if this is lost.

    Although I do not recall a study on this,
    I somehow did not exclude,
    that fertile women might partially have far more negative emotional impacts
    from this loss,
    than women post-menstrual many years.

    And I got the impression, that particularily various male doctors
    might be highly oblivious from internal experiences to the role
    of such hormonal whatevers from there with female emotions
    in the brain.

    And not council well what differences this might make on that level.

    (Might not be well expressed.
    But my English even to me currently leaves to be wished for.)

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    Personally I am of the opinion that if there is no disease in the uterus, that hysterectomy for convenience or birth control is too drastic a step. It remains one of the most overly used surgeries in this country, although less than in the 1970s or 1980s.

    Too many male physicians are quick to recommend hysterectomy, on the theory that "if you are not using it, might as well take it out" as if they were spaying a dog. I don't see many men volunteering to have radical prostatectomies or orchiectomies just because they no longer are wanting to father children or because they are not sexually active.

    Here are some links about hysterectomy:


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    Just had started to doubt here I interpreted hysterectomy right and it ain't mean uterus instead, checked, and it does. And going here noticed, it was also mentioned by someone else meanwhile.
    But I just leave it standing there now, as I heard at times they take
    along with the uterus also the ovaries out.

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    A hysterectomy can be partial (removal of just the uterus and fallopian tubes) or total, with the additional removal of the ovaries. The latter is recommended only if the ovaries are also diseased or if there is a history in the family of ovarian cancer.


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    Thanks KLD, but I couldn't find anything in those websites that say anything about "Hysterectomy With SCI" (unless I missed it)That is what I'm tring to find for her, and other gals with sci who may consider one.

    I'm looking for evidence that would support the idea that when a women with a SCI has a hysterectomy, she is putting herself at greater risk because of the lack of muscle tone, shifting of organs, etc. That it would lead to more complications than a women without SCI. Therefore she should not get one unless it is the last possible option.

    There has got to be something out there in the SCI world that has documented what happens inside a SCI women who's had a hysterectomy.

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    I know of no studies or articles about hysterectomy specific to SCI. Women with SCI should avoid unnecessary surgery for any reason though, esp. due to common respiratory complications after general anesthesia.


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