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Thread: PCA's at college

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    PCA's at college

    My son is a C4 ASIA A complete high school student. He is the top 6 in his class. anyway, He really wants to go away to school. I like to know if anyone has any expreience of a loved one going away to college and needing PCA's . I know there is a young man from New Jersey who is a high quad and is attending Villanova. I would appreciate any input from the CC community.

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    Yes, I know a number of people who have done this. There are a number of options.

    Contact the Disabled Students Services Center (some similar name) at the schools he is interested in attending. They will help you learn about services they provide. This can include note-takers and assistance getting to/from classes. Some also have attendant referral programs or even work-study attendant programs. They will also be able to advise you about accessible apartments or dorms.

    Some people do this by renting a private 2 or 3 bedroom apartment and then providing free rent to another student-roommate in exchange for care. I know a young woman near a large university who specifically recruits foreign students as PCAs. She provides board and room and English lessons in exchange for care, and although she does has to change attendants every couple of years, she has had a series of excellent attendants. Remember that foreign students cannot legally work at a job while here, so this is an attractive solution for them to get rent and food as well.

    Students most likely to be interested in an attendant job include those in nursing, pre-med, PT, or OT schools. You can inquire with these schools at the university about posting notices or even having the PCA job opening announced in classes.

    Of course it will be important for him to develop excellent skills in 1) directing his care (so he can train anyone to be his PCA), 2) know how to recruit, screen, interview, hire, supervise, discipline and fire (if needed) PCAs, and also how to prevent rip-offs which can be a risk, and 3) get his care as organized and efficient as possible so he can get by with the least amount of care necessary (when his PCA is not available).

    Good luck. You should be very proud of your son. What major is he looking at right now?


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    Good suggestions from KLD....I'm in college right now and use International Students as well....Feel free to ask specific questions if that's the route you want to go...

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