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Thread: Finding Caregivers near San Diego

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    Finding Caregivers near San Diego

    I am having the worst experience with mine. I can not find a stable person.

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    Are you moving to San Diego? I see you live in Lodi.

    Have you called the Access Center of San Diego to see if they have anyone on their list?

    Have you tried posting an ad on Craig's List?

    Have you posted ads at SDSU, PLNU, Grossmont, City College, Southwestern, Palomar, or any other nursing programs in the area?

    You might want to call the PCA coordinator at the VA Hospital SCI Center and see if they have anyone on their list who is looking.

    Have you considered "leafleting" at change of shift outside local nursing homes?

    Are you hiring private pay or through IHSS?

    Just remember that regardless of who you hire, you will have to train them yourself. Your emphasis in interviewing and hiring should be more on reliability, honesty, and good references than on prior PCA experience. Be sure to do a background check before the final hire too.


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    Actually I live in Carlsbad now. I have tried agencies, running ads in the paper and word of mouth throughout Project Walk which I am a client at. A background check is a good idea. I pay with IHSS and cash also to raise the wages. Thanks for your help.

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    Be very careful supplementing IHSS wages. This is illegal and can result in you loosing your IHSS benefits. You can provide perks such as travel costs, meals, housing, etc. etc. but you cannot provide cash or money in addition to what IHSS pays.

    A PI can run a background check for you for less than $100. I know a good one if you need a lead (PM me).

    Cal State San Marcos is starting a nursing program. Have your run ads there?


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    Is there info somewhere on the guidelines of how to supplement IHSS legally?

    Thank you

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    Not that I know of in writing. Cash or any form of money to supplement the county wage is definately a no-no. Other than that, reimbursing for travel expenses, providing meals, housing, or paying for expenses when traveling or entertainment when they accompany you to a concert or movie are all allowed. You could get more information through the Access Center or other ILC.

    You can also check directly with the IHSS administrative office for your county. Here is a list:

    This is the website for the San Diego county IHSS program:


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