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Thread: Tampons

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    SCI Nurse or Dr Wise or anyone women with an answer...

    If you have a SCI can you use tampons? My sister is new to this (4 months post) and was told while at the hospital to not use tampons. Can she now?

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    i'm 2yrs post injury and i've been using them. no one said i couldn't.

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    Actually I prefer that women use tampons. I have seen skin breakdown related to the use of pads. Of course it is important that they be changed frequently enough to avoid any problems with toxic shock syndrome (generally every 4 hours) and to avoid use at night if possible. Certain brands are easier to insert and remove with limited hand function as well.

    Of course there are other issues related to menstrual management for women with SCI. Some find their periods are more irregular now, and may have heavier flow. If tampons are not enough, many women add adult diapers (padding) just for their periods.

    One of the main issues that is often not discussed is the woman's comfort with getting assistance for menstrual management from a friend, family members, partner or attendant. This can be quite embarrassing for the woman and the caregiver and should be openly discussed between them.

    Another issue can be constipation prior to the period (part of their PMS)as well as AD associated with cramping.


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    Hey Butterfly! I've been using plugs 20yrs post sci, without any prob's. Geez, come to think of it, I should be empty pretty soon. Oh Boy, no more tune-ups.

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    For improved grip on the things, try latex gloves.

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    Hi Butterfly, in another post you mentioned that your sister is a C7 quad. I'm a C8 quad and lack the dexterity to use a tampon, even if I could, I know for a fact that it would lead to AD. If it's a concern, I'd suggest she double up on the padding or use incontinent supplies during that time.

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    I use tampons as well...they dont give me AD and as a C 7/8 I found them easier to use than a catheter! I found that the Tampax compact plastic applicators have the best grip.

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    Several women on this board have recommended the new Tampax Pearl tampons.


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    Im a c6-7 and dont have the function to use tampons, but was told if it was in wrong or whatever could cause AD, like everyone else here.

    So i just got the depo provera shot and got rid of the whole monthly enemy altogether. one of the best things ive done since my injury.

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