May 4, 2006

Senator William H. Frist

Majority Leader

509 Hart Senate Office Building

United States Senate

Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Frist:

I am writing on behalf of the Coalition for the Advancement of Medical
Research (CAMR) to request that you to bring the Stem Cell Research
Enhancement Act (H.R. 810) to the floor for a vote with no amendments
and no alternatives this month. We remain encouraged by your public
support for this bill and thank you for your efforts to date in support
of H.R. 810. We are ready to take the next step with you by working
together to get this bill passed by May 24, 2006.

CAMR was formed in 2001 to ensure that the voices of patients,
scientists, and physicians were heard in the debate over stem cell
research and the future of regenerative medicine. The Coalition
currently has a broad membership base of patient groups, universities,
foundations and scientific societies unified in support of advancing
stem cell research. We work together to protect and expand
opportunities for federal funding of biomedical research involving
embryonic stem cells.

In the past four weeks, CAMR representatives met with 82 Senate offices
to request that H.R. 810 be passed by the Senate with no amendments and
no alternatives before May 24, 2006, the one year anniversary of the
bill's passage in the House of Representatives. We were graciously
received by all of your colleagues in our meetings, and we are now more
convinced than ever that there is an overwhelming majority of support
for the passage of H.R. 810 in the Senate. I urge you to not only meet
the request of the majority of the American public who support stem
research and want this bill passed, but to also grant the wishes of
colleagues who want to vote for H.R. 810, by bringing the bill to the
floor as soon as possible.

We believe the time has come and that H.R. 810 has such clear and
overwhelming support that it has earned its place on the Senate
for the month of May. We look forward to working with you to pass this
legislation quickly with no amendments and no alternatives so that it
will be ready for the President's signature and enactment by May 24,


Sean Tipton