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Thread: Burning Sensation

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    Burning Sensation

    Bill has burning sensation's inside his body he also describes a feeling he gets like something has fallen asleep and that awful pin stabbing feeling. Does everyone get this? He seems to feel better after he drinks when he gets the Burning sensation.

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    Does he have an SCI physician? Burning type pain is usually neuropathic. Use of alcohol for neuropathic pain is a dangerous avenue to go down.


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    Yep, pretty common. My feet are always like this, kind of mild. Sometimes both my legs, butt and genitals in various intensities.

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    He does not have a Spinal doctor. He does not drink alcohol maybe 1 beer a month. He says it feels better if he drinks water or any fluids.

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    Neurontin was prescribed for me to take care of the buring sensation that I had in my left arm and hand. If I tried to sit up the pain was extremely severe. As soon as I reclined in my wheel chair the burning would go away.
    A second surgery and the medication was the fix.

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    lighting, i have been taking neurtin for that burnin sensation and it does help but you need a spinal cord dr so that you can get the right doseage. i take sometimes1800mg at a time and i know others that take more. i wish you good luck gloria

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    get used 2 it! will not get any better however it will probably get worse over the year's ! its just another fu@#$%g sci sideaffect!

    "you never know what tomorrow may hold "

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    kort (a.k.a. weed hopper)!!!

    hey bro, way to be encouraging! Lightning, from my experience it WILL get better. My first 6 months or so were awful; I know exactly what you're describing, & I was on neurontin, etc... over time the burning subsided & I (gradually) quit taking meds for it.

    I get sporadic bouts of this pain occasionally, & it's not something consistent by any means.

    give him massages, even if you have to force them on him... the stimulus will help... but both of you hang in there... & don't despair.

    I personally can say that it has a good potential of getting better, NOT worse.

    ~ scott

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    do you drink lots of carbonated drinks, too
    long between bowel movements, lots and lots
    of fluids. Too much fiber, no very active.
    Stool softeners. These can be reasons for gas
    being trapped. I believe this is the main cause
    of all the spasticity going on. I never felt
    better once I got off soft drinks, stool softeners, and no pain killers. Your body expects the up down that pain killers can give. but everyone does have their own certain situations they must get adjusted too.



    david tippitt

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    Previously, when I went to bed, I would wake up because it felt as though my legs were over a fire! They were just roasting. I mentioned it to my physiatrist (the kind of doctor for sci patients) and he prescribed neurontin. It has really helped, almost to the point where I do not feel any of the hot, burning sensation. DEFINITELY GET AN SCI DOC! When this type of stuff comes up, urinary tract infections, etc. you will need someone who has the knowledge as it relates to sci. Good luck.

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