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Thread: lortab or percocet?

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    ask for version of percocet that rolling mentioned , no need to continue to put your liver and organs under unnnecessary stress. tylenol doesnt due much for our type of pain . i use oxcodone myslef , which is genric, if you can get the name brand , get it , its much better than the generic. i notice that in the hospital when they give me name brand percocet, i take oxycodone at home
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    Well, that would be strange because Percocet IS oxycodone and tylenol. And if Oxycodone doesn't bother you, percocet shouldn't either.


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    Rollin,just an FYI here.ask for Roxicodone,and not percocet itself.the roxi has no tylenol.hope it works for you.if you do indeed have some good luck with it,try seeing about getting onto oxycontin eventually.this will be a much more steady flow of the oxi into your system and will avoid those ups and downs of taking any short acting med.please keep us posted on how things go,good luck,Marcia

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    percocet =oxycodone and Tylenol.
    oxycodone =oxycodone
    what i am trying to say is that it you need it for long term use , your liver could probably do without the Tylenol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by metronycguy
    percocet =oxycodone and Tylenol.
    oxycodone =oxycodone
    what i am trying to say is that it you need it for long term use , your liver could probably do without the Tylenol.
    i understand what you're sayin. he's not a pain doc so i don't know if he's familiar with or would feel comfortable givin me the straight stuff. i'll mention to him about the long term tylenol an liver damage though. thanks for yall's advice.

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    the straight oxycodone is not a stronger narcotic than name brand name percocet or the generic percocet which is oxycodone w acetaminophen.
    for many uses the combination of acetaminophen and oxycodone work well together for pain its the synergistic effect, i didn't find the it worked any better on neuropathic pain though.
    just something to keep in mind for long term use.
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    Metro is is the 'long term" use that people will start having liver and kidney problems with.when tylenol is used occassionally there usually is not a problem or even one or two per day usn' t an issue either,its when you are taking enough per day,where you are getting close to the recomended max dose of 4000 mgs or long term reccomended of 3000mgs that you can possibly start the cell damage.

    people,but mostly thier Rxing docs really do need to look at just how much tylenol some of their patients are actually taking everyday.the constant slamming of the liver and kidneys with that stuff,over time will just naturally start affecting the two most vulnerable organs,the liver and kidneys.

    there are many many people who are sitting on the 'list' right now who are waiting very impatiently for new livers and kidneys due almost solely to the tylenol toxicity that started in there body when the tylenol really started the cell damage process.those organs can only handle a certain amount,and then damage will set in.that realistic amount is not always the same for every individual person,it will vary depending on the individuals physiology,and what other meds they may be taking that are extensively metabolized by the kidneys and liver.that combonation of some meds just use up the needed chemical that is in those organs that is used to metabolize those specific meds.

    The thing is,when there are other options availiable that do not have any tylenol,they should be used if the patient feels they really do not want to be on something long term that can eventually start causing problems.

    my pain clinic will not Rx any meds that contain any tylenol,at all.when you are a chronic pain sufferer,well it just puts things in a bit different perspective from a med really do need to look at what the possible long term issues could be,with any med that you have been Rxed on a long term basis.why risk it if you don;t actually have to.If your doc will not Rx any tylenol free meds for you,you really DO need to seek out a good PM doc who will.You just don't know what that "cut off' point is with regard to how well your body will metabolize that tylenol over the long haul.some people are just much more susceptable to possible damage than others.

    I do hope your doc will do this for you.I think if you just sit down with him and really discuss the tylenol aspects of the meds he has you on and what could possibly happen over the long term,that he would really consider doing this for you.It wouldn't hurt to actually do some research on the tylenol and damge to kidneys and liver over time before you actually see him again.having actual research documents there with you that he can read,would really help alot.some docs are really totally clueless when it comes to this issue.good luck,Marcia

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    i am sure that people that consume any alchol, even just a glass of wine at night are really increasing the acetaminophen based dangers
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    Oh,thats a definite metro.that double whammy of tylenol along with alcohol has been proven over and over again as being the sole reason for some folks to go into total liver failure.the effects are really really frightening.since both of them are very extensively metabolized by the liver,when taken at the same time,they will use up all the availiable gluthethione and then the cell damage will is probably one of the top five most dangerous combinations of things that can be taken together,really bad.

    i know when pallidone(sp?) hit the market it was going to be a new wonderful long acting med for chronic pain patients.I was even going to speak with my PM about trying it as I have a really good response to dilaudid.but when the patients who were taking it decided to actually drink any alcohol with it,or even the alcohol that is contained in certain cold meds,they started seeing these patients go into almost sudden and total liver failure and of course the drug got pulled almost as soon as it hit the market.i don't know exactly what the real reason was for the toxicity when used along with any alcohol at all, but wow,that was a real bad one there.

    ya just gotta remeber when you see any warning label on any med that states it is not to be used with alcohol,its not always just the fact that alcohol will increase the amount of side effects,it can also kill you,or at the very least,cause some really nasty damage to specific organs.Marcia

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    Hi, everyone. Hope the pain is less severe today. I must disagree with the assertion that tylenol doesn't work on our kind of pain. To illustrate consider the following. Firstly let me state that so far Percocet is the only pain med that works for me. Recently my pain doc put me on four 7.5/325 percs a day as opposed to the six 5/325 I was taking. My very first usage of the new dosage resulted in the following. First let me say that I was in some considerable pain before taking the new pill, but not overwhelmong like it can become. Now I usually take one and one half of the 5/325's and 95% of the time obtain relief from the pain I was then having. One pill stopped working some time ago, which is the reason for the addition of a half pill. When I took the new 7.5/325 I still had pain. I'd say about 20%. I don't know about anyone else but 20% of this pain is totally unnaccecptable. It's like if your whole body was on fire and someome put out all of the fire exept the fire on you arm. You wouln't be able to live with that.

    So to make a long story longer, I couldn't understand what was going on until I realized that I was not taking the same amount of tylenol as one and a half of the 5/325's. I went and got a 325 tylenol I had, cut it in half, took it, and the pain went away immediatley. In my case anyway it appears to be the combination of quick acting oxycodone and tylenol that relieves the pain. Interestingly enough, my pain doc made the same assumption that it was not the tylenol that was giving me relief, but the codiene only!! I have since, switched pain docs.

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