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Thread: Poll for quads re cathing

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    Poll for quads re cathing

    My husband is c5/c6 complete and has an indwelling foley. I'd like to start a poll to see how other quads take care of business, and what level you are. So, if you don't mind sharing:

    (1) Self-cath
    (2) In-dwelling folely
    (3) SP
    (4) Other ways (is there another way?)

    If you can add info about what level you are and whether you are complete or incomplete that would be great. Also, if you self-cath how long did it take you to really get this down so that you were independent?


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    Cut and pasted this from another thread answer I gave:

    I always HATED the dependence of being cathed in hospital, especially as I had good sensation.......hated wheeling up to a nurse to ask for assistance to be told it wasn't 'cathing time' because my bladder hadn't adhered to the 4 hr rule.

    With the help of a very good rehab nurse I tried as many different types of catheters as I could to work out which ones I could manage........Coloplast Speedicath - sterile, foil packed in lubricant.

    I also use a bag which connects to this catheter or a length of tube cut from these bag - I carry all of these, along with some wipes, in a little string rucksack which goes over the back of my chair.

    My hand function is wrist extension, not flexion, good tenodesis grip and my hands are not particularly closed or contracted.

    First I take the bag off the back and open it, pull out wipes and clean up a bit. Take foil catheter pack and open it with my teeth, gripping it by holding it between the 'outside' of my hands - little finger to little finger.

    I then hold the tube between my teeth and end of catheter between my hands as before and connect together. The catheter tube remains in the foil pack and I tuck it between my hand rim and wheel. The open neck of the packaging keeps it there.

    Once I've made sure everything can't fall I fetch my tackle out. You HAVE to be wearing sweat pants or jeans/trousers with an adapted waist - I have a V of stretchy material sewn in at the fly to give me access. I pull the material out with thumb of right hand and basically use wrist and back of hand to get under everything and haul it out, propping it up on the elastic.

    It is then relatively easy to thread the speedicath in - barely touching the cath itself (no UTI for almost a year......) and then draining into bag or tube into toilet. Pack everything up, wrap in a plastic bag and take it with you or bin it.

    Might seem complicated and it used to take 40 mins.....takes 5 mins now.......but it's independence. I go to bars all the time. Not needed help yet. Just find a way that works for you - it's about patience and invention, not strength
    C5/6 incomplete

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    Thanks RR -- this is invaluable. We will ask our OT whether this routine might be possible for him.


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    i'm c-6-7 inc. they were teachin me self cath in rehab but i kept getting awful infections so i went to condom caths for about a year. that was really nasty business..couldn't change a condom myself...always blowin off an gettin pee everywhere. finally found a urologist that told me my bladder wasn't emptyin all the way so i got a SP an have been infection free for 4 yrs.

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    C4/5. Not able to self cath, and do not use a indwelling catheter nor do I have a SP.

    So I chose other because I have someone do an intermentent(sp?) catheter about every six hours.

    I use the clean technique and have only had three or four UTI's in the last four years.

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    C4 I use indwelling catheters

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    C6, I use condom caths.
    Josh, C6 incomplete
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    C6 Inc. (technically t1 left side c6 right) Self Cath w/ the limited dexterity in my left hand.
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    C5/6...... Use condoms but don't empty fully, retain 150-200cc's so get someone to "self"-cath once a day to fully empty atleast once a day.

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    C6 I voted other as I self cath through my belly button having had the mithro procedure

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