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Thread: Complete T10 Para w/ Questions

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    Complete T10 Para w/ Questions

    I was involved in a horrific car accident 4 months ago(Jan 18.) and sustained multiple injuries: cracked skull in five places, broken orbital bone, blew out left pupil, brain bleeding and swelling, minor brain damage, broke all ribs, broken brestbone, punctured lung, glass cuts all over, road rash, crushed the T9 vertebrae, T10 was pushed forward, T11 pushed out of alignment, and worst of all....crushed my spinal cord at T10 level. Family and friends were told I wouldn't make it through the night twice but somehow did. First question is... After all those injuries wouldn't the body just give up?

    Another question is am I complete or incomplete? My surgeon told my parents that my spinal cord was the worst he has EVER seen and I would never walk again. I was paralyzed from a little above the belly button down. Now I am paralyzed from the waist down. Could a complete injury gain two levels back? This is a reason why I think I might be incomplete. Help

    Another thing is I am sometimes able to feel some sensations in my legs. When I can they are a very dull sensation. These I don't think are ghost feelings because I don't get the feeling when I try to feel the sensation, it happens when I'm not expecting it... Why? And to all who have received some sensations back, how do they start and how did it end up?

    Spasms... I get them horrendously in my left leg and RARELY in my right. Almost never actually. I can sometimes make three of my righ toes move, or twitch, and it ONLY happens when I'm sending my feet the message. Is this a good sign? I have heard from A LOT of people that these aren't signs, they aren't real, etc, etc so you guys don't have to say that to get my hopes up . If some of you are actually able to walk now, how long did it take and what did you do? I need something, something to keep me going. I'm having one of my "bad" days and need something to help. Anything you guys have will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and sorry for all the questions

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    yo derek, yeah bro! it is a wonder you are alive. i thank God for life.
    i've decided that being complete or incomplete does not matter, what matters is that i am alive! some walk, some crawl, some roll. its all good.

    you went down a dark road, just keep your head high and focus on goals and may the Light above us guide you.

    Don't cry because it is over, smile because it happened

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    Derek-I am so sorry to hear about your accident. Modern medicine changes your body to keep you alive. That is how its done simply put. They are highly trained magicians (who charges are high too!!) You have been through an incredible amount in such a short time. My son had a snowboarding accident 2/16 of this year so I know 2nd hand you need to ask questions. Don't ever apologize for that - this forum has helped me out immensely, both in understand of what SCI poeple go through and also just also of psychological issues I was dealing with with my son. You will get TONS of answers. Everyone here is awesome! Hang in there and look forward. Live today for today. Be strong and stay positive. Frustration is a huge part and that is just fine. It is a life changing event. Best wishes! (stay strong)

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    Thanks guys, and I do thank God for letting me live every day but I would like the plus of walking again. But who doesn't? It's just that I've healed this well over such a short period of time I can't help but think more is going to heal. 1 month after my surgery I got full use of all of my torso(waist and up). Just hoping for more.

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    Welcome to CareCure. Ask any questions you want and we will try to help.

    At 4 months it is too early to tell if you will remain "complete" or not. Getting two levels back may be an indication of root return, and less likely of being incomplete, but only time will tell.

    I would recommend reading this article by Dr. Young on complete/incomplete and types of spinal cord injuries. This may help you understand the terminology a little better.

    Where did you get your rehab? Do you have a good SCI physician now? Have you got a physician who knows about neuropathic pain and spasticity management who can help you? What are you doing for exercise or therapy currently?


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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse
    Where did you get your rehab? Do you have a good SCI physician now? Have you got a physician who knows about neuropathic pain and spasticity management who can help you? What are you doing for exercise or therapy currently?

    I went to Touro Infirmary for rehab and stayed there for over a month. It's in New Orleans, Louisiana and is an excellent place. My SCI doctor is the same as it was in the hospital. She helped me A LOT with my neuro pain and my spasticity management. I have recently lower the spasm medicine but might up it 5mg more before bedtime and take 10mg off at lunch. My doc. told me to experiment with it til' I got what was best for me.

    Is it possible, even if I am complete to get some movement back? Because I can get my toes to twitch/move and get a part of my foot to spasm when I try to move it. Is it possible my feet are getting the message but not responding due to the injury? Thank yas!

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    hey derek, sorry to hear about your injury. My boyfriend is a T-10 complete after he was shot when he was 12 (20 years ago). He has no feeling or movement from the waste down, but does have sensations like you describe. He believes these sensations are his brain's way of telling him that his legs or his butt are uncomfortable or in pain even though he can't actually feel the pain. For instance, one time his big toe was tucked in his shoe in an awkward position (in a way that would be painful to an abled-body person) and he didn't know it, but all day his leg was kinda achy and having a lot of spasms, more than usual. Then when he took his shoe off he realized what was happening. Moral of the story, pay attention to your body. Learn the signals, make connections, so that even though you can't feel what's actually going on down there, you can figure it out. The movement and sensations you have may not be consciously done, but sometimes they can mean something. Good luck.


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    Where are you in Louisiana? I am in Monroe.

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    St. John Parish or LaPlace and if you don't know where that is..

    East St. John High School is about 5 minutes away. They're a good football team

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    hey derek

    I just missed you, I was in Touro from mid Dec. until Jan. 6, when I moved to North Monroe(now St. Francis North) to be closer to home. Anyways hang in there and keep on posting.

    "For only the truth which edifies is truth for you."

    -Søren Kierkegaard

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