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Thread: Do you really push your own chair everywhere?

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    Do you really push your own chair everywhere?

    I have had a lot of offers and support from many here and family and friends. 2 things have been offered to me. 1. a power wheelchair, and 2. a "scooter". Mike is T6 complete so my initial thought was no way!! But..... do you guys wheel around in a manual chair for hours at a time?? Forgive me, that sounded ignorant. What I mean is, if you go on a day trip where their will be a lot of travel time in the chair , do any of you switch to a power chair for the day?

    As always... Thanks!

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    Hello CC. I’m Th-4 incomplete and have only a manual wheelchair. My arms are fine, no injury etc. to them neither have I any pain in them so that works fine for me. A normal day I don’t’ wheel that much but other times it can be a bit, but then again, I have only a manual chair (and one manual chair in spare). But if Mike could have some problems with his arms as well (injury etc), why not use a motorised chair.

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    His arms are ok, I just don't want him to be the dorky guy if I accept the scooter if that is something uncool and unatural for people with injuries like his T6 complete. That sounds a bit weird I know, but I am learning about all of this and the etiquette etc. It just seems like a lot of work to use your arms all day long (assuming you were at an all day function). But that is why I am here...... To learn from you guys!!

    Thanks Leif for the response.

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    it sounds like a freebie, so take it. who wouldn't want to cruise around walmart rather than push....... shoot i would.
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    You get used to pushing the wheelchair. 21yrs this summer for me ... and that's with weight gain as well.

    The only thing to take care of (which I didn't) was shoulders! Don't forget to do range of motion and stretching on the shoulders, wrists ... and watch the high transfers (example: wheelchair to truck). They're rough on shoulders.

    My shoulders didn't start to creak until about 1.5 - 2 years ago.
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    Thumbs up

    I'm T11-12, which means T11 and I've never had any use over the 44 years of my sci since age 18, for any form of motorized chair. I like using my arms to get myself around. I've had a few sci friends who have told people, who asked them why they didn't get a golf cart of motorized chair and give their arms a break, "It's easier to shit in bed and kick it out with your feet." Of course it wouldn't be easier or even possible for any complete sci person and I've only used the line a couple of times and with a smile on my face to help neutralize the impact.

    Yesterday I did a week to a week and a half's food shopping at our local "bigger and better" remodeled Raleys supermarket. I'd asked Transit to give me rides which would allow me close to two hours in the store but, as luck and scheduling would have it, I wound up with about two and a half hours to do my shopping. It's a big store now and I'm sure I clocked in excess of a half a mile in traveling it's isles for necessary, remembered and impulse purchases. I was a little bored at times but was glad of the exercise. Last night and this morning I noted that my arms are a little sore, particularly the right elbow, but that could be attributed to the new game of Centipede I installed on my computer yesterday.

    Your guy will get good exercise pushing his chair and will build his arms up. You girls all like guys with big muscles, don't cha? Kidding, a little; if any repetitious exercise (like pushing) gets him painfully sore, he should quit or scale back for a while. Like anything else in life, moderation is indicated but he's going to have to rely on his arms much more than others do or he did before, so building them up is indicated. Swimming is another great exercise and will help keep his upper body limber.

    Good luck.
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    geez juke, why doncha write a novella while you're at it.

    i'm c7 so a bit different for me, but i pushed around for 6 yrs. switched to power when got pregnant. the biggest difference to me is my ability to offroad which i love.

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    Hi There:

    Don is a T11 and uses a manual chair but has a power chair for his engineering job at Lockheed... the power chair has an elevating seat that can elevate him about 6-8 inches so he can do bench testing if he needs to.... so I guess what I am saying is it's really nice if you can have both manual and power, but believe it or not Don pushes his chair all day long.


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    I have a manual chair that im in all the time, but I also have a power chair which was bought so I could still go outside on the steep, sandy, rocky terrain. I never ever use my power chair anywhere except for around outside my house where its necessary; even when im tooling around in the dirt (in my power chair) i find that i feel less in control than with my manual. I hate not being able to feel things the same way in the power chair as i do in the manual. But on the plus side, having a power chair lets me get out into the mountains much farther than i ever would in my manual.
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    It starts off very hard to wheel around. Everything looks like hills, and any hill is hard to go up. Sidewalks slant towards the street, so the arm on that side gets tired far more quickly (I always try to go on the left side of the street).

    I've got an L1 injury, so I appologize in advance if I'm missing something, but it gets better. Hills that I rested 3 times/block in rehab I zoom up for blocks and blocks.

    Offroad is a bitch that I haven't learned to handle yet.

    Power chairs and scooters seem to require a lot more effort to transport from one place to another. Here is a vote for manual chairs, and all the range of motion and strength exercises that go along with them.

    -- JB

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