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Thread: No symptom UTI

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    No symptom UTI

    A build up of bacteria in the bladder can lead to infection and bladder irritation which can also result in leaking, got it. For me, I am leaking, have cloudy, odourous urine and increased spasms, but no fever, chills or normal symptoms. I have been told that without the more pronounced symptoms then my situation should go untreated. I am fine with allowing my own body to fight it, and wear something to try and keep my pants dry, but I would rather not have to deal with it for the next month or better. Is there a risk of creating a worse problem by not treating it? Is there a general rule of thumb as to how long I should wait? I am 9 months post and still feeling very ignorant.

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    When I have UTIs I had no fever/chills, etc either. Who said they won't treat it? Did you have a C&S done?

    I have kidney problems too, but I don't know if that's why when I have had UTIs they didn't go untreated.

    As far as being 9-mos post and still feeling ignorant, don't. This is a new situation with lots to learn. You'll learn as you go along and need to know. I am 10 mos post from the accident that landed me in the chair, and I am still learning.

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    The idea behind not treating it was based on a concern of antibiotic immunity. Regardless, no I have not had a culture done because I can't get the Dr to return my calls or the nurse's page to order it to be done. I am trying to get through to someone who will respond.

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    Leakage alone can be a reason to treat for some people, as can increased spasticity. It does not necessarily have to be febrile.

    Regardless it is a good idea to get a culture in case you do go on to develop more serious symptoms.

    You should also get some external condom catheter supplies and instructions on how to use these to keep your clothing and linens dry. Leakage is not a reason to have to be wet and risk skin breakdown or embarassment.

    Do you have a good urologist or SCI physician that you can work on with this? As someone with a new injury, it is important to develop a relationship with your provider that allows you to work with them on a regular basis. This means the person has to agree to return your phone calls or e-mails, and that you together develop a plan for how you are going to manage these sub-clinical infections or colonization. This may mean finding a different provider.

    Here again is the reference for criteria for treatment/non-treatment:


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    I have been trying to use a physician from the Shepherd Center here in Atlanta. When I have seen him in the past it is been a good, however, becuase of the way their outpatient system works, when I call in to the nurse line, I get referred to a urologist there who is completley non responsive. As well as, their outpatient system is not a primary care facility. I have yet to understand what outpatient services means if I can only use it when I have an appointment that can only be made 3 to 6 weeks in advance. At this point, I am looking for another urologist to handle these issues, future similar ones, and the forthcoming fertility questions and process.

    If left untreated, is it possible for my own system to beat the infection?

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    Boyd, my favorite home treatment for the same kind of symptoms you're describing here is three easy steps. Step one, water, keep yourself well hydrated by drinking even more water than you normally do. This will help flush you system out. Step two, cranberry juice cocktail, or the cranberry tablets if you don't like drinking the juice. I even had one friend who eats the "crasins" tell me they work just a well as drinking the cranberry juice. Step three, vitamin "C" tablets or capsules, I take 1000mg, twice a day to help prevent the bacteria from getting any kind of foothold in my bladder to begin with. I hope this helps you get some relief from your symptoms while you're waiting to hear from your doctor.
    Linda H.

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    i too also had no symptoms last time i had a uti.

    all i had for about four months is horribly stinky pee. no sediment, or unusual volumes.

    no leaking, fever/chills, increased spasms.

    i'd get a culture just incase. i too don't take meds for a uti if i have no fever. i did this last time just because i had this horrid pee for so long.

    if these symptoms have been for an extended period time, and if the culture turns out positive for uti, then i think it'd be best for your body to take meds for it.
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    It's funny that so many people have the same symptoms, not funny but the first 2 years after my accident I would call the nurse hotline at shepherds tell them my symptoms and they would tell me just to drink more water, that unless I had a fever and chills that I was ok. If I drank anymore water I could replace a fire truck at a 4 alarm fire. I build up so much pressure I blow the condom off during the night. Finally after about a year they now know when I call and say I'm leaking my spasms are going nuts, I'm getting dizzy and my pee smells gross that I'm right about my UTI. Some times 1 week of med's will do it but most of the time it takes 2 weeks.
    No one knows your body better then you do! Over time you will figure it out but until then asking questions is the best way to go. Keep after the nurse hotline at Shepherds. Get Dr Rosa if possible.

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