My husband has been taking Bactrim for about 3 weeks for prostatitis. He also takes Claritin for severe cold urticaria, which I'm sure combats other types of allergies. A few days ago, he woke up with a severe case of hives which have been determined to be caused by the Bactrim. The way it was explained to us was the Claritin fought off the allergy as long as the body would allow, and had he not been on the Claritin, the allergy would have presented itself much sooner and may have caused anaphylaxis. He is using topical cream and Benadryl and does not seem to be getting any worse, but there is little improvement after 2 days. Bactrim may be a wonderful drug, but be advised of the side effects, and discontinue use at the FIRST signs of an allergic reaction.

A question -- is there anyone out there that has experienced this particular type of situation, and if so, what was the duration of the allergic reaction? I have read about Stevens Johnson Syndrome, but I'm not really worried about that at this point. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!