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Thread: Ricky"s New Toy

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    Ricky"s New Toy

    Well guys Ricky has finially gotten somethign he has been waiting for , For 6 years he's been wanting to get a Campagna T-Rex--and he finally has it--I'm so proud of him. He's sooooo happy. I just wonder if we have a child where will we put a carseat--HA HA--

    This has definitly given him a good sense of freedom and independance. Right now, we are getting hand controls on it so that he can drive--My brother, a friend of his and I have been driving him around in it--I told him it was like driving Miss Daisy--lol----

    Hope everyone likes the pic
    i have plenty more--lol
    [/FONT]Amber & Ricky

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    very nice love that color red
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    I wanted him to get the blue colored one--it was fine--but we have a red F-250 and he wanted it all to match--i thought woman were bad--lol--i have learned how to drive it and it's really a great way for him and I to do things together and ride when it's so pretty outside

    In the second picture that's me in the background holding a pillow. I cannot reach the peddles so i have to sit on a pillow--isn't that funny---hehe--this was the day my brother was teaching me how to drive it--it was pretty funny
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    [/FONT]Amber & Ricky

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    WOWWWWWWWWW........I would sooooooo like a ride in that. What's the transfer like?

    Very, very cool guys
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    That thing ROCKS!!! Do ya mind me asking how much it cost? Do ya have a a link to a website for them? When y'all go out driving in it, is there somewhere for his chair to go? Sorry for all the questions...
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    That is so cool...

    almost makes me want to trade my Harley in...which is still sitting in the garage not going anywhere...

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    Wow! that is awesome!

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    I am soooooooooooo jealous! I've been trying to talk friends into going in on one for a while.

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    I want one in a sip and puff model!

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    Whoa looks like someone is going to have some very serious fun.

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