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    Yes, I have read several threads on this but I still have questions (on this and most other things SCI).

    I use a 4" ROHO quadtro cushion as my first cushion. Sometimes I use a custom made foam cushion, but after a while I feel uncomfortable. I like the protection that ROHO provides and I like the confort, but I don't like the fact that it requires a lot of maintenance (a few times it has punctured and left me sitting on wood for a couple of hours before I found out it was flat) and I prefer the reliability of the foam cushion when travelling. They are both 4" high, otherwise me legs would not have support.

    I have been reading and considering the Stimulite cushion. Do they make a 4" one, and what would the advantages of the contour be? Am I wrong in using a 4" cushion, can I reset my wheelchair to fit a 2 " cushion (my footplate will not go any lower, it is already only 1/2 inch of the ground).

    I would like comfort and the best protection possible against skin breakdown. HELP, do I buy the stimulite and give the roho a rest?
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    I've been using the high profile roho's almost exclusively now for 13 yrs., and my 13th sci birthday will be on the 27th of this month. I used a Jay Active for a very short time post rehab, but the jell pad wasn't the right size to fit my booty. Anyhow back to the rohos, I haven't had any sores or ulcers on my butt since my injury, and I give 95% of the credit to my roho cushions. Yes, they can be a pain, going flat when you don't have a patch and pump handy, but weighed against getting laid up with a sore, you tell me which you'd rather deal with.
    Linda H.

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    Lightbulb Roho & Stimulite

    Hi paramoto,

    I have a high-profile Roho Quadtro Select and a Stimulite Contoured. The Stimulite is 3 1/4" tall, not quite as tall as the Roho, but I sit a little higher on it, so it about evens out.

    I have had the Stimulite for only two weeks. It is so comfortable that I have not used the Roho since I got it, but I do like the Roho, and it saved my butt last year when I got my first pressure sore.

    Peace, Steve
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    stimulite all the way. i like the classic. imo, rohos are old technology, besides they are soooo uncomfortable. stimulites feel great on your butt and they keep the sweat away from your skin. best cushions there are. rep
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    paramoto said that he LIKES the comfort of a ROHO....therefore it is NOT uncomfortable to him...Fuente we all know you hate the roho, give the bashing on it a break.....

    I use a roho and never have had punctured mine...I do however tend to not check the valve often enough and tend to let it deflate. You don't have to have the pump to re-inflate it however...

    I do have to ask, why you are sitting on wood when your Roho goes flat? what kind of seat base do you have? Could your seat base be causing the punctures in your cushion? I'd be more concerned about what is causing your cushion to puncture...To be honest I'm somewhat haphazard w/the care of my cushion, I toss open knives on my seat, my cat claws on it, and I have yet to have a puncture in it...Maybe I'm just fortunate, but I've never had a puncture in my cushion...

    If you wish to test another cushion, I recommend talking to your local dealer and see if they can get you a demo. Most dealers can get a demo of just about anything you ask for. Don't buy a different cushion until you've demo-ed it. Personally, the stimulite causes me A LOT of burning pain in my rear end. I wouldn't have known that unless I had tried it first. You have had good comfort and skin protection w/the Roho...I'm a big fan of the old addage "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" so maybe your best bet would be to get a new low profile Roho Quadtro has been VERY low maintenance, except for when I leave the valve open(my own fault)...
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    I'm with fuente here . I used a ROHO high profile quadtro for several years and always had trouble maintaining the correct pressure -- was constantly pumping it up, letting air out, etc, etc. I tried a Stimulite Classic XS starting in January of this year and I couldn't be happier. I just sit in the cushion, I don't futz with it. It did take a "leap of faith" to go with the Stimulite because you can't just try one at a DME to see if it feels good. It takes about a week or so to "break in" to your butt. Everyone's different and have different requirements, but I wouldn't jump fuente's ass for simply recommending the Stimulite. It is a great cushion...imho.

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    I think that my punctures happen because I don´t transfer too cleanly and I tend to drag my butt and pull the front corner bubble or whatever they are called. It is always one of the front corner things that puncture. I use the board for stability, below the board there is the sling. Does anyone use boards below their cushions?

    Fuente/Steeeve, is there a 4" Stimulite available? My concern is that if I go below four inches my legs will have no support beneath them. I would rather keep the four inch high cushion.

    Over the years I have bought four Roho´s. Two Quadtros that I use on my regular wheelchair (the second one I bought because the first one punctured), and two low profiles that I use on my standing chair (the second one I bought again because the first one punctured and I found it really cheap on E-bay, like 55 bucks). The last puncture happened last week on my quadtro. I have never had a sore either.

    I have another cushion I use sometimes that cost me 550 dollars. It is custom made, and it sometimes causes burning sensation on my tailbone. I measured it against the roho on a pressure map and the custom made one measured a lot better than the Roho, but my Butt doesn't seem to agree.

    Anyways, thanks for your comments. Please keep them coming. Is there a 4" high stimulite? Is the contour difficult to get used to?

    I cannot try them out. Don't know of any vendor that will let me try one in the Miami area, and they are so much more expensive than the internet vendors.
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    I have a roho lopro single cell and I don't have a board under mine either. I wonder if that's what's causing the punctures? I am really rough on my cushion and have yet to have a flat. I don't always remember to put a box on my chair when I come in the house and my cat likes sleeping on it.

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    I don't think it is the board. Roho's have a very heavy base underneath. They always puncture on the front corners. It could be the transfer board coming out of my car, but I don't think so. It could be when someone passes it to me they pick it up from the corner bubbles, hard to tell. But they puncture every couple of months.

    What is the best place to buy a Stimulite cheap?? Any recommendations??
    T6 complete (or so I think), SCI since September 21, 2003

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    Roho's don't have a hard base, unless you are referring to the solid insert, which helps support/prevent "caving" of the roho on a fabric seat base?

    You should NOT be grabbing on the corner cells (bubbles) to lift/move your roho. The quadtro comes with a string attached to corner end of the roho, to use to move the cushion.
    - Is the frame of your chair hitting against the roho?
    - Are there any sharp/protruding bolts etc, on frame near cushion?
    - Does your roho puncture in one corner consistently?

    Have you ever used the "Repair kit"?
    Has the warranty on the roho been good?

    If you need the support of a solid seat base, have you looked into having a solid base fixed onto the frame of your chair instead of the insert in the roho?

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