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Thread: Anybody have an iBOT 4000?

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    Anybody have an iBOT 4000?

    I've used the iBOT 4000 for about two hours since getting it in February '06. It's not what I need. It's virtually new.
    Wondering how other people like their iBOT's.
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    iBOT 4000 for sale

    It's a prescription item so I'm thinking the sale would have to go through J&J but I'm not sure. I haven't heard back from IndependenceTechnology yet. I'll post more as I find out.

    Anybody interested? Save $thousands!
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    what are the measurements and price?
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    Pete, I want an iBOT so badly, but I don't have the $ to buy one right now. Why don't you like it?

    I would have been thrilled to have it last weekend because I took my daughter to the Oregon coast and I wanted so much to go on the beach with her. I would have used it again this past Saturday for a social event located in an old building, with a flight of stairs and no elevator.

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    I'd give my eye teeth for a ibot, I tried to get the VA to get me one when they bought my lastest powerchair. I keep telling my DH that it's the first thing I want to buy when we finally hit the jackpot on the powerball lottery.
    Linda H.

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    What do those things cost?
    Prolly if you have to ask you can't afford it
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    Shannon, I like the iBOT a lot! It's an awesome piece of technology and it's fun to show off! I don't use it because I don't have the need for it's capabilities although when I got it I thought I would. So... it sits, begging to be used!

    It's a 16" wide x 20" long pan seat for a cushion. I'll post photos later this week.
    It cost $26,100.00 as I ordered it in 2005 before the 4000 was announced.
    I don't know the exact way to go about selling it yet. It's a prescription item and it requires training so I think it may need to go through IndependenceTechnology. I'm waiting to hear from them.
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    The iBOT 4000 is $26,100 although J&J IT is currently kicking back $3,000 on a new purchase which makes it $23,100. Recalibration and training must go through IndependenceTechnology and are part of the chair as I understand it.
    I will sell mine for $17,500 plus shipping. Virtually new.

    I may try e-bay in another week.

    No picture host yet...

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    if you want to host pictures, sign up for a free photobucket only takes a couple minutes to do and then you can post all the pics you want
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    Oh well, as you can see here , I've decided to keep the iBOT. My girlfriend thinks it's great; I have to keep it. She's right. I'm using it more now that it's warmer weather. It's gonna be very useful. I need more room to store my chairs!
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