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Thread: Really - What does Denial mean?

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    Tough one kitti, I am thankful everyday that I have what I do. Honestly, I dont know how I would handle C3/4. Maybe you just cant help. Maybe he is doing the best he can.

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    denial is what haters will yell you're in if they think you're too satisfied with your life despite your SCI.

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    611 you are so right. I monitor my kids behaviors involving partying. I will keep an eye out for consistent abuse, but I believe I don't have that problem really and hope it stays that way. I know he will do fine. He has alway sbeen a fighter and true competitor and tha tis part of his pschyce so that foundation is there. Time is something I must give more long term consideration to. Our family is tight, our circle of frinds are tight and for that I feel comforted and garnish strength from. We are lucky for sure. There are so many positive stories, I just know he will be one of them. But it does SUCK and that doesn't change.

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