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Thread: Help! Loss of function

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    Help! Loss of function

    Cisco was going to my brothers funeral on a bus supplied by my family that wasn't accessable, so they had to carry him up and down the stairs 6 times. It was kind of rough and I can't figure out what happened. Help! Right after the last time we went in to eat and he noticed he couldn't hold his fork. He is a c5 quad with tight hands and tendonisis, so he holds things very well. His entire right arm is limp and paralyzed. He can't pull his wrist up and it was his strong arm. His tricep is not working either. I'm freaking out because he drops everything. What could have caused this paralysis after 6 years and will it go away?

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    I'd say get to the hospital. Sudden lose is BAD.

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    We went to the hospital. No broken bones just swelling in hand. They said in the ER they don't know what it can be.

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    this could be serious, I lost up to 1.5 levels after 10 years injury. Could be syrinx, very serious. Ask for Dr. Wise Young s advice, he is presently in this forum. I had surgery in Miami from Dr. Green, but never recovered lost function. Good luck

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    You need to get him an MRI NOW. You need to get a neurologist to look at the MRI immediately. I would also keep him stable, and not moving around as he was when he was going up the stairs.
    Please hurry.
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    I agree getting an MRI immediately is your best bet. Syrinx are very common, often at the site of injury. however, if it grows it presses against your spinal cord causing more loss of function. Only way I know to check up on it is to get that MRI. Good luck, hope things work out 4 the best.
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    We will get an MRI on Monday morning. You guys are freaking me out more. He will stay in bed till then but can it get worse till then?

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    Shamrocks, I also had surgery in Miami with Dr Green and never regained what I lost and was worse after surgery.

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    My bet is, brachial plexus injury from carrying him under his arms. Hopefully reversible. Does not sound like a syrinx.
    Best of luck.

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    I am sorry that I have been on the road and did not have the time to post earlier. There is no need to freak out.

    From your description, particularly the facts that it is sudden onset, mostly on the right side, and involves the hand (C8), triceps (C7), and wrist extensors (C6)... I think that it is a periphal nerve injury and probably the brachial plexus. This is because a spinal cord lesion (whether due to herniated disc or syringomyelic cyst) usually would involve both sides and a disc herniation very seldom would suddenly affect three spinal roots at one time.

    An MRI may be useful for ruling out a spinal cord or root compressioni but, as I pointed out above, this is a low probability event. A CT scan would be useful for showing any changes in his bony spine. The definitive test would be an EMG that stimulate the peripheral nerve and see where the action potential goes and where it stops. One nerve that may explain all the findings is the long thoracic nerve which emanates from C6, C7, and C8. The following is a great diagram and explanation of brachial plexus anatomy

    If Cisco has peripheral nerve injury, it is important to know where the injury is and whether the cause of the injury is still present and relievable, and to make sure that it is protected. Most peripheral nerve injuries will recover without intervention, as long as the cause of the injury is stopped and physical therapy is aggressively pursued to prevent muscle atrophy and other problems associated with peripheral neve injuries.

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