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Thread: Who is in DC today?

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    Miss You Guys Wish I Was There ...anty...
    For every minute you're angry you lose a second of happiness

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    I wish I was there, too. Kick some serious arse!

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    OK CCers in DC ... come out to the ESPN Sports Zone a few blocks from the Reagan Bldg where the conference was today. We are rooting for the MIGHTY CAROLINA HURRICANES!!!!!!!!! So get your chairs over there ... unless you are rooting for Montreal in which case stay far, far away as Chad is the biggest, baddest Carolina fan on the face of the planet. Mary has my mobile number, PM her for it if you want to call us tonight or whenever.

    Ami, Chad ... and the little guy (who was SOOOOOO great at the conference today but is now running like a psychotic fiend in the hotel room )
    Wife of Chad (C4/5 since 1988), mom of a great teenager

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    We wish you here too!

    Terrific day . . . gosh, where to start? This morning about 8 wheechairs made the sidewalk marathon from the Radisson (where I am now) over to the Metro, where there was 1 tiny elevator to get everybody down to the trains. Mattblan took the escalator, backwards!--which he has promised to do again if we get the video camera out so you all can see.

    Dr. Hans Keirstead was intensely good: focused and persuasive and had a good show. For those who haven't been looking, go to the Working 2 Walk website and have a look at the line up. We spent much of the day listening to members of the scientific community give a kind of joint progress report.

    More details to follow, along with a lot of photographs. I'm having this odd sense of being at a movie version of a book I've been reading. You know, like wow, this character is exactly how I imagined her.

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    Just curious--anyone from SCI-Step [either participant or staff] at the W2W? I noticed they were one of the sponsors.

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    Good Luck to all !!!!!!!!!!!! and have a great time!!

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    There were 2 folks from SCI-Step there. I will try to connect you tomorrow.

    Great day, good presentations, dead exhausted.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Very big THANK YOU to everyone who attended!

    I would have loved to been there myself, but to many things
    are in the way right now.

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    We probably had over 350 people at the symposium yesterday. Will post later and I hope that others will post. Wise.

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    See you at the rally!

    I hope to be leaving early AM to make the 11:00 rally, I'm about 2 hrs. away, but may have some traffic to deal with once in DC. I think I'll get on the metro in Springfield and ride into Union Station, and then run a couple of blocks.

    Can't wait to hug all my good friends!


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