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Thread: New SCI with 18 yr old son

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    Yikes!!! Of course he has a plan. Acutally in OUR HOUSE (not relying on a school system to teach OUR kids basic manners, skills etc) we taught them all of that easy to learn life skills, actually from a much younger age than a senior in high school. I felt it was my duty as a parent to do it. I have always exposed my kids to alot of different professions as our friends are 95% professionals. AND education after high school is a no brainer with the competitive world we live in. That part is a piece of cake. I think what I am getting out of you is to look at a financial plan of sorts. That of course is worked out early in the plan,me being an anal Accountant. We have that part taken care of for the most part. Things change though and we know that. Success is high regarded and alot of the times rewarded so grades are important here at the homefront and basically have been since grade school. These last few days have been great and he is doing his business as he should. Hope he keeps it up.

    He is happy to not wear ted hose and is going to light them all on fire as suggested by his rehab doc. HA! Brace for another month...

    I think getting him into daily life activites is a good suggestion. Right now we are remodelling a portion of out home to make it more accessible for him to do that. He is comfortable in the kitchen etc. That will come as "space allows". I think seeing alot of sides of issues is beneficial and needed. Thanks for all the varying opinions.

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    Things are improving. Tonight is prom and I am so glad that he is going. He thinks it will be weird and I agreed with him it probably will be but YOU ARE GOING and that is awesome. I am going to talk to him about getting on-line here - I think it is just incredibly educationa, inspriational and realistic. I may post a photo of him after this big night. Wish I could be a fly on the wall, at least for a little while....

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