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Thread: catheter balloon size

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    catheter balloon size

    What changes if, instead of the usual 10cc balloon, you end up with a 30cc balloon on a SP cath? The supplier assured me it would be fine. I changed Rollin's cath two days ago, and he seems to be more spasmy than usual. His bladder's always uncomforable the day of the change, there's no visible blood in his urine, he's draining plenty... I filled the balloon with his usual 8ccs.

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    I wonder about that myself. Did you happen to notice if the brand was the same? Some brands are harder than others.

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    I am no expert but it seems like the small amount in the balloon would hold just fine. My son changed to a sp about 6 months ago and we have always used the small balloon also. I think I would not be totally trusting of the suppliers advise though. So, I'm interested to hear what the experts reply. How long have you guys had the sp? I have been changing it myself for the last 4 times. It took forever to get it to go in the first few times but the last time I had the visiting Doctor watch while I did it and of course it went right in. My main fear is of not pushing it in far enough before filling the balloon. Anyway, I will be watching for the answers you get.

    The brand we use is Bard, Latex Free "Lubri-Sil I.C."
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    I normally use a 10cc balloon as well but had to use a 30cc several months ago. I put my usual 8cc of water in the balloon. I recommend NOT using the bigger balloon with the same amount of water. Here's why:

    When you fill the 10cc balloon with 8cc of water, it fills symmetrically. But the bigger 30cc balloon does not. You basically have a bulge on only one side, which makes it more prone to sliding out. I learned this the hard way.

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    I would try to get back to the 10cc balloon as soon as you can but in a pinch you can use the 30cc balloon. You might try this- instill the 30cc but withdraw 20-22 cc out, leaving the 8-10 which feels most comfortable with. Filling the whole balloon makes it less stiff, less irritating and might also allow for better filling.


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    Thanks Nurse, I'll try that this evening. And Darthe, Rollin has had his for 8 years, since his rehab. The way I make sure it's in 'just right' is by pinching the used one right against his belly to pull it out. Then, I can see how much is inside when I pull it out. The new one goes in just as far. Firm, gentle pressure....whatever. You do have to do it a few times til you can feel when it's right.

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