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Thread: What is going on with my bladder?

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    What is going on with my bladder?

    I get this undescribable very faint feeling when my bladder starts to get full. Sometimes it's so subtle that I wont notice it if I'm busy. If I don't go soon, I'll start to get a burning sensation in my gut, which I guess is my bladder spasming.

    I posted a while back because I thought my bladder was shrinking. I was getting the burning sensation to go and only putting out 300-400cc, where I used to hold 600-700 before I got that feeling. I called my SCI urologist and the soonest they could get me in was May 22, but I got a card in the mail now that said the doctor is going to be out that day and now I have to wait until July!

    The problems seems to have corrected itself, sort of. I don't really know how to explain. Some mornings I get up, take my pills, then go pee. I'd get out 600cc, and never even get that feeling. If my bladder fills up at night, that faint feeling will wake me up, but I haven't had to get up and pee at night in a looong time. I still sometimes get the urge to go and only get 400 or less, but not as often though.

    I just got back from my oldest sister's wedding in Dallas. When we left, I cathed right before leaving. I got 45 miles from home when I started getting the burning feeling. We pulled over at the next exit, and I cathed 400cc. We didn't leave until after lunch time, and all I had to drink was half of a 500 ml. bottle of water. My other sister was following me in her van with her family and my mom. We got back on the road and drove straight through to somewhere in Texas when they wanted to pull over at a rest stop. I decided to get out and use the bathroom since we were there and it was about 4 hours after I last cathed. I cathed over 600 without ever feeling a thing. I had a 500 ml. bottle of water in the car that I was sipping on during the trip, and I had only drank about half of that by this point.

    Where was all this pee coming from? Why did I get the burning urge to go so soon after leaving home only getting out 400cc, but made it all the way to the rest stop in texas where I cathed 600cc and never felt anything?

    The day of the rehersal, I cathed before leaving the hotel, and then after the rehersal, we went to dinner. I had two big margaritas, two glasses of water, and a cup of coffee at dinner. Normally after drinking an alcoholic drink or coffee, I will have to pee very soon. It had been about 5 hours since I last cathed too. I couldn't get into the bathroom at the restaurant, and things were winding down anyway so I went on back to the hotel. I thought my bladder would have exploded before I got there, but it didn't. I get in my room and cath, and only get 300cc out. It didn't come back to haunt me at night either. I cathed another low volume before going to bed, and another low volume in the morning.

    The wedding day, I cath right before leaving the hotel again, sit through the wedding, and then we go to the party. I was hungry so I filled up on lazagna and pasta and sipped on some water with my food then got a margarita (I like margaritas btw ). Just as I was pulling into the hotel parking lot I started getting the gotta go feeling. I made it up to the room and only cathed 400cc.

    On the way home, I took a detour to an aviation museum first. I cathed before leaving the hotel. I was going to cath before leaving the museum anyway, but I started to get the feeling first. I cathed 500cc at the museum. I hit the road and pulled over just past Shreveport to eat. I guess it was good timing becaus just after I ordered my food, I started to get the burning feeling. I cathed another 400cc, but I had only been sipping on water all day long. I was feeling a little sleepy after eating, so I got a cup of coffee for dessert. I had about an hour's worth of fuel in my car, so I figured I'd just pull over and fill up when I had to pee. An hour after getting back on the road, the low fuel light came on, so I stopped and filled up. I was only an hour and a half from home, and I completely forgot about cathing before I got back on the road again. I made it all the way home, unpacked my stuff and only cathed 400cc before going to bed. I slept all the way through the night (and half the day) without waking up having to go.

    I don't understand why I sometimes sip water and pee 4x what I take in. I don't know how I was able to drink so much at the rehersal dinner and pee so little. That has never happened before. When I drink coffee at home, I usually have to pee 3-4 times within the next 2 hours, yet twice on the trip I had coffee and it didn't make me pee. Why am I getting the burning sensation when my bladder spasms and only peeing 300-400cc, while other times I can pee out 600cc+ without a peep from my bladder?
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    I have noticed very strange behavior when it comes to my bladder. I'm really not sure what is going on; maybe a uti or something. First off, I think I have areflexic bladder (had urodynamics about 2 months ago, at about 4 months post-injury). I am not able to void on my own at all. According to the urologist who did my urodynamics study, I was able to hold 600-800cc at low pressure.

    I had pretty strong sensation of having to go pee in my groin area. When I cath, I get between 400-500, although sometimes I wouldn't have the sensation until 600 or higher.

    For the past week or so, I have had a stronger sensation (almost burning) of having to go pee, pretty extreme sense of urgency. But when I'd cath, there'd be only about 300cc. Is my bladder shrinking? Is this a UTI? I thought that having a flaccid bladder meant that I was in danger of my bladder getting enlarged, not the reverse.
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    Dan, I think you are cathing very large volumes. I have read that at 500cc's an abled bodied person has difficulty containing urine and feels very unfomfortable. I try to keep my volumes below 500, 200-400 is ideal range for me. Can't always do this, but I try.
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    Jimnms Just my two cents here but as Paramoto said 500 cc's is what a normal AB person can hold with out discomfort. I was always told at Rehab to keep my amounts under 400 cc's. I intermittent cath and I have the ability to feel when my bladder is full so I do not cath on a fixed time schedule. I also try to drink within a couple cups or so the same amount of liquid daily. However on those rare occasions when I may have a beer or two with a friend. I notice that I have larger volumes at night but I assume this is from lying down and having those fluids trapped in my lower extremities.

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    I would agree that you should keep cath volumes <500cc and that most SCI people produce greater urine volumes volumes during the night.

    Also, it is very rare that your fluid intake equals your output each time.
    It is btter to look at an entire day and see if the intake and output relatively matchuup. It will never be exact. Re your sensations, I'm thinking that you might feel more sensation when you are sitting in
    your chair or your lower abdomen be constricted with clothing?
    Some things to consider.

    Here is a good review of urodynamics that may help in this discussion:


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    Jim, why do you like margaritas so much?

    My bladder is wack like that at times too.
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    I know I'm supposed to keep my bladder volumes under 500cc. The feeling I get before that burning feeling is the same feeling I get if my leg spasms and flops into an uncomfortable position at night. I just don't get why I can sometimes go on schedule with output of 600+ without feeling anything, yet sometimes my bladder starts to spasm at only 300.

    I know the output will not equal your intake, but why do I sometimes pee like crazy, having to go before schedule when I have hardly had anything to drink, but then I can drink like crazy other times and not pee a drop?
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    Same thing happens to me. I think it has to do with diet (sodium intake), maybe weather (the body is more likely to retain fluids as a reaction to heat and release when cold) as a safety mechanism.
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    I just got my weekly urine result and I'm confused. I got a wbc of 5-7 w/c is acceptable but its the result of the culture that bothers me. To my surprise i got pseudomonias! Has anyone of you experienced this? I was told by my urologist that having even a high wbc is ok as long as result of culture does not have organism. Ooops, sorry to insert this but its relevant to us all. Thanks in advance for your replies.
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    volumes of urine.

    I drink a glass of wine in the evening before I go to bed. It dehydrates me. In the morning I then have as little as 50-75CC in my bladder. I don't have to catherize all night long.
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