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Thread: 11 years post injury...Girl walks again

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChopperChick
    If that is how so many of you feel about this story, consider this...... How many here have been misdiagnosed??..............
    I was for one, I'm by no means complete

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    Thanks Cherrylips. Can you tell us more. Personally, I am always looking for a sign of "incompleteness" since my husband has been labeled complete.

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    Hi chopperchick,

    I was assumed c5/6 complete but have recovered stuff over the 2.5 years since my accident. Ab control, sensation etc so don't give up hope of your husband recovering more....its still early days.

    But FES is a must, if you can, im starting soon, as my physio dwindled during my pregnancy , and I hear nothing but benefits from it.

    As for the cure, I strongly believe functionality generating therapies are a-coming, but not here quite yet. Its hard but hang in there.....

    Best to you both,

    p.s PM me anytime
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    Facts of life the way I've seen it so far:

    I know a lady 87 years old good shape for her age, and still working. She had cancer twice and survive, her husband had cancer and die in six months. Her three sons had the same kind of cancer as she did and they die too in their forties. i know kids die before they see life and people live to their ninenties. and I am talking people who are from the same family which they are so much alike, yet with different luck. At the rehab I've seen people with same level as I am improved much more than I did. Now, can I say that nature discriminates? Does nature care about individuals? I don't think so nature cares about humans as a whole. If I die, only my family and friends will feel sad, nature has 6 billion of people left, won't miss me at all. Look how many wonderfull and usefull people left us, and useless killers live till they are 80-90 years old without ever get sick. I have no choice but to accept life the way it is, I like it or not.The one think I don't accept and I am mad for those who are responsible delaying the cure for spinal cord injury and they are many of them around. love u all,manouli.
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    When I was in the hospital many years ago. I shared a room with four other guys, who were also sc injuries. One of them was in his 50's. He was an ironworker who fell 80' and was paralyzed for 25 years. He was also rehabbing. The interesting thing, he was walking normally. He used a cane when he got tired. I guess the point of the story is you can never tell whats going to happen. But I wouldn't count on it.

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    Very strange, I'm in England, I'm a news junkie and I've never heard of this girl.

    The press over here came in for a lot of criticism 10 to 15 years ago for padding slow news days with hearsay stories of SCI cures. Perhaps they're being a bit more careful now.

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