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Thread: For SCI nurse, vesicare and Blood pressure

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    For SCI nurse, vesicare and Blood pressure

    AS you know my uroligist put me on Vesicare to try to strerch my bladder, but I went to my GP this week and my Blood pressure was up to 130/90 . I have never had a problem with my BP being high. Could the vesicare be causing it?

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    I'm on Vesicare and I haven't had any blood pressure problems.
    The Vesicare works great too.

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    Vesicare does not list high blood pressure as a major side effect but with any new meds, you should monitor your BP. I would take your BP daily for several days to see if this is a pattern. If at any time, your BP is >160/90 (and you hvae no history of high blood pressure) I would contact your doctor.


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