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Thread: Is Methadone something to consider

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike bauer
    Humm... what scares me the most is the bowel slowing. I have that now. With my Colostomy it really scares me. I have been slowed to the point of vomiting and have been hospitalized for it over a weekend. I started to drink prune juice regularly.... I wonder if Sennna Tablets might be a good idea. At any rate, the Methadone sounds interesting. I sure would like to find something... that made me JUST A LITTLE more comfortable. Thanks for input.
    Hi Mike,

    I have a friend (he walks with a cane and is bent outta shape and is in severe spinal pain) who was on methadone for years. He told me that at the clinic he went to they offered two or three different types. Liquid form and pill form. One or both of these "forms" (liquid and pill) come with a "built-in" laxative to counter the constipation problems associated with opioids.

    You may need to adjust the amount of laxative to fit your body's needs.

    I also heard that it's one of the least harmful opioid-like pain relievers. It breaks down into a harmless "chalk" so doesn't harm the liver and kidneys as much as oxycodone etc. Whether this is true or not I can't say with any certainty.

    I know a woman from another forum who is using it for pain. She's been on it for years. She claims it works well for her and just from reading her posts I can tell she's "all there" mentally. Very sharp mind and wit.

    I'll get in contact with her and maybe she can shed some more light on it.

    Hang in there.
    "Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle." - Philo of Alexandria

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonnyC
    Cheers David Berg ....... keyboards cordless and keeps interfering with digital phone etc, and missing letters out now and again.

    Tanks again.
    sure it aint that methadone calming effect? HAHAHAHA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rollin64
    sure it aint that methadone calming effect? HAHAHAHA.
    Now you got me thinking ?
    C-5 incomplete , walking with crutches. In controlled pain. Respect to all SCI people.

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    If you're in pain, try anything that might help. Methadone is just a medication, like any other. It helps some people - you could be one of them. Never know if you don't try.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bob clark

    I also heard that it's one of the least harmful opioid-like pain relievers. It breaks down into a harmless "chalk" so doesn't harm the liver and kidneys as much as oxycodone etc. .

    are you sure oxycodone is hard on the liver and kidneys?
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    Unfortunately, I am in the same intolerable pain situation as you describe (c-5 incomplete). I take methadone with Duragesic and oxycodone, and still have pain, just not quite as bad as before I added the methadone. Methadone has definitely helped.

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    I tried methadone for pain. After 2 days I was throughing up regularly. Started at 10mg 4 times a day. I was & still am taking Morphine Sulfate & Vicodin for pain. This helps but I am still in pain all the time & not enjoying life like I would like. I stopped the Vicodin & substituted the methadone. It did seem to help with the pain but I couldn't tell how well after only two days. As soon as I stopped the methadone, the nausea stopped as well. I would sure give methadone a try. It seems to work for some people.


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