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Thread: DC cell phone list - please PT me your cell number

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    DC cell phone list - please PT me your cell number

    So that we can get in touch with one another during the rally, could anyone who is going PT me with your hotel, dates you'll be there and your cell phone number and your email address? Then I will put a list together of everyone's info and distribute it via email or PT here (probably both). Only send this if you're comfortable sharing your phone number of course. But send anything you're comfortable with and that way we can call one another to make plans for dinners, coffees, drinks, etc. Will email it to everyone late Friday PM to allow for travel time for folks so please respond no later than 6 pm Friday if possible

    Ami <--- super excited we are going!!!!!!!

    p.s. Oh yeah, send me your screenname and your actual name (just first name is fine) so that we don't have to call and say "Ummm, is this durameter? This is zillazangel calling".
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    Thumbs up stem cell documentary

    I am working on a documentary with my daughter, who is a former producer at Dateline NBC. The film is aimed at simplifying the science of stem cells, explaining why scientists believe that stem cells have the potential for medical therapies for a multitude of diseases... (but as a C-3 quad it will highlight work being done to cure paralysis) and discuss why this area of science is so controversial. We would love to pre-interview people who will be in attendance. While we are in D.C. we are interviewing scientists, politicians ethicists etc. and patient advocates.

    If you would like more information contact

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    have fun

    My sister-in-law lives in Franklin Lakes!

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    Don't worry Ami I answer my pages...I am beeper trained. Mary

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