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Thread: Hand control question

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    Hand control question

    We are buying a magnum and trading in our caprice that has the hand controls .. they are monarch but we think they will not fit in the magnum. how do we find out if they will fit ? we are thinking about buying some portable hand controls but will I be able to drive the car without using the hand controls or will I have to remove them each time I drive the car? The vehicle is in transit and will be here by the end of the week. my husband works about 1 hour away and day shift - I go in at 2pm until 10 therefore driving him to work would be possible but not picking him up. so we will need the hand controls quick so he can go to and from work.

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    you SHOULD be able to contact Monarch and purchase just the correct bracket to install your current hand controls in the Magnum. From my understanding, the difference is only in the steering column bracket. However, I could see that coming from a smaller vehicle, the rods might be short. I dunno for sure. Best bet would be to contact Monarch directly tho. As far as the portables, Yes, you would have to disconnect them to drive...UNLESS you wanted to drive with the portables too(and if you don't HAVE TO drive with hand controls, you especially DON'T WANT to drive with portables) The portables would be a good temp fix if you already had them or had a set you could borrow until perm ones were installed, but a costly expense if ya weren't going to buy them anyway. He would REALLY much prefer perm ones, not to mention the hassle of removing them every time you were going to drive...

    I hope that I answered your questions without confusing you completely...I think i confused myself while best suggestion is to contact Monarch about getting a bracket for the Magnum and see if there would be any other probs w/them transferring from the Caprice.
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    When I rent cars (I don´t want to sound like I have done it a million times, but the few that I have) I usually take my portables with me. But the first time I rented from Hertz they used portables that were really comfortable and very close to my permanent push to brake down to accelerate controls. They are probably portable as they go in and out of cars regularly and did not interfere with AB drivers. Don´t know who the manufacturer is but maybe someone out there knows.

    Thought it may help.
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