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Thread: Vehicle Modifications - Raising Roof/Lowering Floor

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    Cliff at can get you all the headroom you need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayday9
    Is that what you drive Scott? A pick-up?
    that's a negative... currently pimping an old school minivan soon to be replaced by a jeep, but that's another story & completely custom.

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    I took some measurements im my van (which i think would be the same as a truck) this morning...Im 4.6 in my chair and just fit through the door..In side the floors lowered 6' and gives me a inside height of 4'10-11..I think you can go to 8-12' drop..

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    I am 6' 3" and have just purchased a Town & Country van with the dropped floor and I have plenty of head room. You can see more of them at or call their 800 number and speak to Diana.
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