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Thread: Truck/SUV Modifications?

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    Truck/SUV Modifications?

    I am finally in the market for a vehicle and I'm not sure where to start. I don't particularly want a van, or a small car. I've been looking around at some different sites for different kinds of modifications that can be done, particularly for a truck or suv.

    I guess my question is what have some of you done for modifications and can you point me in the right direction. I don't like the idea of driving from my chair...but I also need a fairly even transfer. I was wondering if lowering a vehicle is something you do by going through the dealer, or if there are other places to go.

    I've also looked into the glide and go, and some of the other products by them. Have any of you gone with that company and were you satisfied with the results?

    Just an idea of what I'm looking into...the Honda element, and the Chevy Colorado. I've also been looking into the modified Toyota is actually affordable and they have the 4 and 6 point seats, but I'm afraid I might be too tall, of all

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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    Handicap Modified Truck

    We have a truck for sale that has been lowered and has the glide n go seat. This truck belonged to my son- injury level C6. It also has the braun lift for the wheelchair in the bed of the truck. It' a black 2004 Extended Cab Silverado.

    I posted the truck a while back and am going to post it again today.
    Our email address is and the phone #s are 254-235-6641 and 254-652-1776.
    sheila connell
    PS: I saw where you were considering the Colorado and my son did not go with it because his legs were too long.

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    Bonita - there are many, many threads on this subject. I'd suggest trying the 'search' function with 'truck modifications', etc.

    My system on 2 vehicles (trucks) is the Bruno ( TAS (Turning Assist Seat) which lowers for even transfers. And there's a crane type lift in the bed for the wc.

    Good luck with whatever you choose. Btw, Colorado, Element, Scion are all good suggestions but which one or type of vehicle do you truly want that will also work/fit with your lifestyle?

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    I have a Colorado and love it

    I have very long legs and it has the most leg room out of any vehicle I have ever driven, it is a very practical vehicle and great in that I can put my handcycle in the back.

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    I swore I'd never get a van ... but this year's Ford Freestyle minivan is looking more like an SUV (just saw a commerical on tv). I like the shape of it. With loaded features .. tempting!
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    Yes, they really lowered the roofline on a lot of their vehicles

    Quote Originally Posted by lynnifer
    I swore I'd never get a van ... but this year's Ford Freestyle minivan is looking more like an SUV (just saw a commerical on tv). I like the shape of it. With loaded features .. tempting!
    Making them look more SUV like.

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    Thank you to those who answered...I just wasn't sure where to start looking for more info. I'm not totally opposed to minivans, just their price. I did stop by a dealership in town here, and they had a chevy colorado was very nice and lower then the others, but still not low enough, and the salesman didn't think it could be lowered any further. I could still go with another version and probably get the height I need. And for the heck of it I checked out a monte carlo was sooo nice, and pretty easy for me to get in and out of. So, now I can't say a car is totally out of the question

    Anyways, thanks again...and I will keep on doing my research. I can't wait to get my own set of wheels of the 4 wheeled variety. I'm not use to having to rely on other people for transportation...its definitely getting old.


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    Sweet ride Curt. Just looking at the truck makes me want to do smoke shows with one. Dunno why, just does.

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    I drive a Lexus RX300 and I use an easy transfers to get into the vehicle. It works great. I haven't had too many problems with the device. The only real issue I've had was the seat that sometimes may crack. It's very stable and makes trasnfering easy.

    here's the site:

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    I have driven a HOnda Accord for the past 2 years and I broke down my chair each time and pulled it accross my body. I'm just about over breaking down my chair anytime I want to go somewhere even though it takes about 30 seconds. I am ready for a bigger vehicle too now that I moved out to the country.

    I just ordered a Chevy Colorado and I will be installing a Bruno "Cab-Sider" PUL 1700 in the cab of the truck. I wanted to get an exterier lift for the tailgate but do not want a camper shell on the back. The lift does require a folding chair so it will fit in the back. I am able to transfer on my own and then the lift will put it in the back. I am very opposed to vans too, and this is going to work out so great for me.

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