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Thread: Symposium and Rally

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    Symposium and Rally

    Would everyone coming into town that wants to please post where they are staying so I can organize my plan to make sure no one goes unhelped in any pinch? I will be wandering around with some help in case of emergencies etc. Also what is everyone planning on the down time?


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    Mary, you're too kind and considerate!

    Monica and I will arrive in the evening of the 29th staying at the Hilton Crystal City at National Airport. We will leave on May 2nd by 5:45pm flight, going back to Vancouver.

    I feel very excited to be meeting all of you soon!!


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    I'll be in Arlington at a party w/ some friends from college during the day on the 29th, will probably show up in Crystal City sometime in the evening (anyone want to make dinner plans?), crash early and get refreshed for the 30th. I'll be @ Embassy Suites 4/29-5/2, checking out the morning of the rally, & driving back home late that night. Anyone who wants to exchange cell #s, PM me.

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    YAY Suzannnnnnnnne!!!!!!!! I miss you my friend! It has been a busy year for me! Lots going on....hope to have time to talk ok? Mary

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