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Thread: My New Apartment

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    My New Apartment

    I hope. Have agreed a rent and will be signing for it on Monday. Plan to rent for 12 months while I learn to be more independent and then buy in the same building if it turns out to be the right place.

    It's a 10 min push (even for a quad) from my office and is really accessible - lifts, doors, sinks and a toilet I can get my shower chair over. If it's raining there's a mall which starts by the building and comes out by my office.

    Everything on the, bars, cinemas, Starbucks! For the first time in ages I'm beginning to feel positive about living on my own.
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    Absolutely beautiful! Good luck to you, Paul.

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    Have to say it - BLOODY BRILLIANT MATE!!
    Caw, what a great set-up. If you have to live in the city, then that sure looks the way to do it - right in the middle of things.
    Great news RR - bet it's putting a bit of a grin back on your face.
    Now all I need do is look at the Toulouse to Manchester flight schedule!!! Got to get in there before all you crowd from the States!

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    Moving on up...To the East Side

    Looking good man.....Quite the bachelor pad you'll have, good luck....

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    Seeeeeeeee told ya!

    Sweet place for a sweet man!
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    Looks nice, congratulations and good luck with your new place - looks like it can be a crowded place from what I hear and then at the same time while they are there you have to have them to help you to remove those windows on the balcony - Have to feel the wind man.
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    Aww you must be SO excited!! It looks really nice & the location sound great!! Congrats for wanting to be more independent & goodluck!
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    Great place have a starbucks on me i used to manage a starbucks before my sci congrats on your new apartment. anty
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    Hey, have a Tazo Chai on me ... love the place! Beautiful!

    Only one complaint - some damn man left the seat up!
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