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Thread: Legislative appointments

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    Legislative appointments

    I have an appointment with my represenative, Indiana Congressman Pete Viscloski, this Saturday at his local office and an appointment with Indiana Senator Bayh's office, 2:30pm on May 2, 2006. I'm still waiting to hear back from Senator Lugar's office.

    Anyone else have their appointment made?

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    New Jersey has a meeting with Senator Menendez on May 2nd at 2:30.
    I'm still working on Senator Lautenberg.

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    From Minnesota:

    Senator Coleman
    Senator Dayton
    Congressman Kennedy
    Congressman Kline
    Congressman Gutknecht

    All the afternoon of May 2nd.

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    Tuesday after the Rally, the Oregon contingent is meeting with
    Senator Gordon Smith and Senator Ron Wyden.

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    Our appointment with Represenative Visclosky went well. He said he would co-sponsor the CRPA and too look for his name to come out on it next week.

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    Well then we'll be looking! Cool jOE!

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