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Thread: Nick's 21st Birthday!!!

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    Nick's 21st Birthday!!!

    There is a young man in Kessler who's birthday is right around the corner...

    Please check this thread in New SCI forum...

    And post some Happy Birthday wishes here...



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    Talking Happy 21st Birthday, Nick!

    Dear Nick,

    I am proud to be the first one here to wish you a very Happy 21st Birthday!

    I'm sending birthday wishes for...


    ---a good sense of humor...

    ---friends who are true friends




    Birthday advice???

    1. Learn to laugh at yourself.

    2. Learn to never give up.

    3. Learn to dream.

    4. Learn to be happy anyhow, no matter what.

    Gee...ALL that from somebody who never laid eyes on you...

    Take care, God bless...and HAPPY Birthday!


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    Happy 21st Birthday, Fella

    I'm known as the Queen on the CC Forum so let me pontificate at you
    on your upcoming as I do to the minions under my rein in here.
    Just know that all of us at CC are
    sending Best Wishes and lots and lots of Prayers your way!

    Stay strong, keep those positive spirits always in the forfront of your thinking. It will take time, but you will get better just take one day at a time and know we have you close in our thoughts...not just on your
    Birthday, but every single day!

    Your life is what you make it, and only you have that choice!

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    happy birthday nick your in a great place for rehab. keep a positive attiitude and fight. i wish you the best
    For every minute you're angry you lose a second of happiness

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    Happy Birthday, Nick!

    Hang in will move through rehab faster than you can imagine, and there is so much you can learn at Kessler. Keep asking questions. You can move on to a life with this injury....don't despair!

    As soon as you can, get on line and join our community. There are others here with lots of experience at this who can be a guide and support to you.


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    Lucky you. You win the prize for "Worst place to spend your 21st birthday".

    I hope you can take full advantage of the rehab you're getting. What you learn now will make a huge difference in your future. And yes, there is a future for you. From now on you'll grow stronger. Someday you'll look back amazed at how strong you've grown since rehab.

    It's a tough row. Noone can hoe it for you but lots are hoeing at your side. I hope you'll join us if you ever feel like the Lone SCI Ranger. We'll be here when you're ready.

    Have a happy birthday. Work hard, sleep well, eat right, laugh lots.

    I sound like a preacher, so happy 21st from Preacher Betheny!

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    Nick, my best wishes for your birthday.Believe in yourself and keep pushing. Kessler is a great place to maximize your potential. Shelly

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    Thank you so much for posting this for Nick! And thanks for all the birthday wishes! I will give this to him!

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    bump up thread for more wishes...

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    Happy Birthday Nick!!!

    Have a happy birthday! It's a pretty crappy way to spend your 21st. My son suffered a SCI just before his 21st. It really sucks! There are lots of young people on this site. My birthday wish for you is that you be tough and NEVER GIVE UP HOPE AND NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT!!!!

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