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    In a little over two weeks I'm finally getting to go to the driving training thingy. The problem is, we either have to get up at 3am to give me time to shower and dress, and give us time to drive there. Or we get there the day before and stay in a hotel. I'd rather get there the day before, so we don't have to rush it. Then I can have more time trying out the different types of equipment.

    There are several problems with us going early and staying in a hotel. My mother is still recovering from a shattered femur. She can only make short walks on a walker, and has a chair of her own for going long distances. She can drive, but obviously she won't be able to load our chairs into the car. Someone else is going to have to go with us.

    If we get a HC accessable hotel room, what is accessable about it? At home, I have a shower/potty chiar that I do my business in, then shower. We're not going to be able to bring the shower chair along, so how do I shower and do my bowel program in a hotel room?

    What other things should I be prepared for when taveling and staying overnight in a hotel?

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    I travel between 40 to 50 weeks a year every year for the past 10 years for my job so I have a little experience here. Here's some things I've noticed with hotels and accessibility:

    - Things have gotten better than they used to be but nothing is "standardized" between what one hotel has to offer over another.

    - Most hotels will have wider doors, no steps to get into your room and bars on the wall of the shower and near the toilet in the bathroom

    - Shower - Lots of variation IMO - Some have walk in showers and some just have tubs so ask if this matters. 1) some will have walk in showers with seats, 2) some have shower chairs you can use. They will bring it to your room (look like they would be good for high/mid level quads), 3) some have shower chairs that are a complete joke. They are basically a stool with padded seating, 4) some don't have shower chairs at all.

    - Toilets - kind of the same as Showers. Lots of variations.

    I have learned over the years and have the mobility to get along without a toilet seat or shower chair (figured out how to use the goofy stool or use no stool) just in case. Also, I tend to stay in places that are a bit nicer since my client or company is paying but I have stayed in some hole in the walls also. Nicer doesn't always mean more accessible but typically a full service hotel has more to offer.

    My suggestion would be to call ahead and ask some very detailed questions. Others here may have other suggestions. Hope this helped.


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    Jimnms: I have found that accessible hotel/motel rooms differ greatly. Evend when you ask about the accommodations, you're likely to be surprised. To be safe, I shower the day before I leave, and make do with a bed bath the next morning. Also, I take a bed pan for the bowel program. If I'm /going to be away longer I take a portable shower/bath bench and even for those longer stays, I take a bed pan, just in case. Good luck with the driver program.

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