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Thread: Parastep System

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    Quote Originally Posted by IMHopeful
    Anty, did you ever follow through with the Parastep therapy? My son is being evaluated for it and from what they told us, they only used it once before. I'm not sure if this is a good direction to go in or not. It is my understanding that if successful, this would at the very least, build some muscle. Just wondering what they told you and if you had any success with it. My son is T12 and from the initial evaluation, he appears to be a good candidate for it. The therapist gave me the impression it is a rather complicated therapy. Thanks for any information you might have.
    hI I could not use the Parastep because my left hand is weaker and could not push the buttons. I am a much higher quad but incomplete so I really hope that it works for your son.The PT'S in my rehab say it work great for certain people. I wish your son all the luck i am sure he can do it anty
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    Quote Originally Posted by anty View Post
    Has anyone tried the parastep system i just recieved a note from my old rehab that they are having a 3 month program. I called and i am going to be evaluated for it. They say the parastep system works by delivering electrical stimulation through surface electrodes that are controlled by a microcomputer attached to a walker. This computer controls the sequence of contractions that enable the function of sit to stand, right step, left step, and stand to sit. If anyone has tried this system can you let me know thanks anty

    yes I actually own one and used it for about 3 years. It is a great way to exercise as it is a very good workout for those muslce groups that are not working caused by SCI. It is not functional for me as it does require that you have someone spot you if your injury has left you with no mobility. It does help with spasticity as it really tiers those muscles out. It also helps keep those muscle groups stretched out and any weight on your bones structure is also a plus.

    Happy to discuss more with you if you need.

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    Anyone knows Canadian Rehab (Toronto) with Parastep (
    therapy with gait support or similar functional neuromuscular stimulation (FNS) system based therapy.
    Also any USA location will be considered if prices are affordable...
    Thanks a Lot!!!

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