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Thread: Parastep System

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    Does anyone know what the web site is for this product? Thank you
    Josh Basile

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    Josh, it's at Hope that helps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bruce
    Josh, it's at Hope that helps!
    Thanks Bruce for the help
    Josh Basile

    "Hope is the drug that keeps me steady"

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    Hey Anty..... how did the eval go for you? What did you find out? Did ya get the "hot" rod chair fixed up? See, told ya you is a "hottie"!!!

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    Hey john had to change it to next weds may 24th my chair is still being fixed riding on a jazzy hate it lol I hope i dont burn this chair out lol anty
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    I went today for my eval. After alot of paper work and questions they tried the stim on my thighs to see if my legs would kick up well my bad leg did kick even with 12 pds. of weight on the ankle. I am going back next week to see what else they are going to try. I was able to tolerate the sitm it hurt but i just took the pain. anty
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    Awright Anty!!!!!! This is great news. Please keep us in the know on how it goes. I gotta tell folks out yonder bout this! Good luck with the testing....John

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    That's excellent Anty!
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    I went back yesterday they did standing frame to see how flat my feet go. They also got me on the mat and measured how flat i can get my legs down my knees have to be stretched some more. Then they tried the stim on my arse to see hip flexors well it worked. But then they showed me the walker to see if i can push the buttons while gripping the walker my left hand does not have that good of a grip so they are calling the guy who made the para step to see if there is anything they can do for me. Well now i know i can take the stim. we shall see what comes next anty
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    Anty, did you ever follow through with the Parastep therapy? My son is being evaluated for it and from what they told us, they only used it once before. I'm not sure if this is a good direction to go in or not. It is my understanding that if successful, this would at the very least, build some muscle. Just wondering what they told you and if you had any success with it. My son is T12 and from the initial evaluation, he appears to be a good candidate for it. The therapist gave me the impression it is a rather complicated therapy. Thanks for any information you might have.
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